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Show Your Pride This Independence Day with These Stylish Patriotic Pageant Dresses

Jun 28, 2013

Have a pageant coming up in the beginning of next month? At we have some stylish pageant dresses

Show off your red, white, and blue pride with these stylish pageant dresses!

Show off your red, white, and blue pride with these stylish pageant dresses!

that can really show your pride for America! We’ve taken some of our favorite pageant dresses that can help you wow the judges, as well as show your love for the red, white and blue!

Chic Flowing A-line Prom Dress by Maggie Sottero Flirt: Simple but sophisticated, this exquisite, Red evening gown is an excellent choice for any pageant beauty looking to stand out from the crowd! With its eye-catching embellishments and sweetheart cut, this flowing, bright A-line dress is sure to get the judges attention.

Red Carpet Jersey Prom Gown Night Moves By Allure: White has never looked so good on a gown! A sheer, beaded cut out along the side of the dress adds a unique touch to this already vibrant gown. With a shining white dress and your pearly whites being flashed in front of the audience, you’ll have this pageant in the bag!

Elegant Chiffon Faviana Formal Prom Gown: Sashay your way across the stage in this blue beauty! A very simple design by nature but the bright navy blue color and silver jewel embellishments will snag ever judge’s eye as you make your way onto the platform. Make a statement, and do your best to show your USA pride with this dazzling number!

Want to see the rest of our stylish pageant gowns, as well as some more red, white and blue dresses? Visit us today at!

Strange Beauty Pageants from Around the World

Jun 27, 2013

Pageants are unique in their own respected ways, but many unique and even bizarre pageants exist or have existed around the world.  Imagine participating in the 1970’s Miss American Vampire pageant or perhaps Miss Atom in the 90’s, which was used to highlight the positives of nuclear power. Below are our top 5 strangest beauty pageants from around the world.


Mr. or Miss Mosquito Legs: Held at the Great Texas Mosquito Festival, pageant dresses aren’t necessarily required. Instead, contestants put on a pair of shorts and wait for mosquitoes to bite them, the person with the best bites wins.

Miss Klingon: A normal beauty pageant, with a very big twist. Contestants are required to wear their best Klingon wear and participate in Klingon themed activities. Klingon’s are a popular type of character from the science fiction show Star Trek.

Miss Land Mine: However a bizarre idea, this pageant is for women from Angola who have lost limbs due to land mines. Winners are asked to participate in standard pageant activities, and the first place winner gets a high quality, gold painted prosthesis. This pageant truly shows that beauty is more than what is on the outside.

Miss Diaper Queen: In 1947, women we’re asked to participate in a pageant held for the Diaper Service Institute of America in Chicago. Contestants we’re asked to look their best while wearing a cloth diaper. The company no longer exists, and luckily neither does the pageant.

Miss American Vampire: Long before Twilight, Miss American Vampire existed. This unique pageant required women 18-25 to produce their most imaginative vampire look. The pageant, hosted by Regis Philbin, was a marketing idea for the movie, The House of Dark Shadows.

Do you know of any other bizarre pageants? Leave them below in the comments!

Win Over the Judges with These DIY beauty Tips

Jun 21, 2013

Don't let the snag stop you and use these beauty fixes in your next pageant!

Don't let the snag stop you and use these beauty fixes in your next pageant!

Pageant girls know that when you’re in a pinch, time is everything. Even when it comes to your hair, makeup, and nails, a little slip up could cost you the whole pageant! Don’t worry though: has the best beauty tips so that your pageant dresses and personality will impress the judges, not your beauty faux pas!

  • Have a run in your stockings that’s starting somewhere that people can’t see, but you’re afraid it might get bigger? Grab some clear nail polish and paint the run. The clear nail polish keeps the run from growing until you remove your stockings!
  • If you bump your nails while they’re still wet with polish, lick the spot that smudged. Your saliva mixes with the polish and makes the snag smooth again.
  • Forgetting your eyelash curler is a drag. When you forget this magic tool, take a spoon and turn it bottom side out. Press the edge of the spoon against your eyelid gently, popping your eyelashes up and out. Apply the mascara while doing this with the spoon and your eyelashes will be just as curled as if they were with the actual tool.
  • If you’re hair is a bit shiny with grease before you head out on stage, don’t fret! Take a flat brush, spray some aerosol hairspray on the bristles, and brush on the greasy spot.  The aerosol hairspray works almost like a dry shampoo and dulls the oil in your hair.
  • Have a pimple the night before pageant day? Apply some white toothpaste or a tablet of aspirin, crushed with water to the spot. The toothpaste takes the red out of the pimple, while the aspirin paste reduces the puffiness.
  • Dark circles under your eyes from the night before the pageant? Highlighter will fix it! Take a foundation brush, apply directly over the dark circles, and blend in with your foundation. The light color and reflective properties of the highlighter deflects light from the dark circles, making them look healthy, well rested, and glowing!

Have anymore DIY beauty fixes to help out other pageant queens? Leave it in a comment below!

Our Most Pinned Prom Dresses of the Past Year

Jun 14, 2013

See what prom dresses our Pinterest followers love the most!

See what prom dresses our Pinterest followers love the most!

If there’s one thing that we know here at, it’s prom dresses and what’s in style! We adore seeing our beautiful dresses on Pinterest and checking into which ones are pinned the most by our prom dress connoisseurs! Here’s our most pinned dresses from the past year and where you can find them on our site!

Glamorous Fit & Flare Prom Gown Night Moves By Allure: This beautiful, shimmering mermaid dress was a fan favorite on Pinterest! Not only did it get pinned many times, but also it was one of our best sellers in the past year. This dress was made for the girl who loves being the life of the party and standing out from the crowd.

Sweetheart Light Pink Terani Prom Dress: The cute little number definitely was a hit on the Pinterest boards! It’s one of our favorite dresses and apparently a favorite of our followers as well! This sweetheart prom dress comes in the prettiest light blue and light pink, suitable for any sweet diva looking for an adorable prom dress!

Sweetheart Ivory Terani Prom Dress: This beautiful, long Ivory prom gown has shown up numerous times on different Pin boards, and we know exactly why! With its detailed, Rose Gold embellishments and sweetheart cut around the bust, this elegant dress a beautiful pick for any girl looking for some simple class for the prom!

Want to see our official Pinterest? Head over today for the hottest pageant and prom dresses, as well as beauty tips for any DIY diva!

Perfecting Your Pageant Swimwear

Jun 12, 2013

If you’re fretting over the best choice of pageant swimwear, it’s important to know you’re not alone. Besides providing a little confidence boost, it also lets you know there is plenty of information available to help with your selection. Here are a few tips from past judges and professionals to ease your worries.

Pageant Swimwear

One or Two-Piece?

Once upon a time, one-piece tanks were a standard requirement. Rules have relaxed a lot in recent decades. Unless they are forbidden, it is usually best to go with a two-piece suit. Judges may, even if subconsciously, see a one-piece swimsuit as a cover for lack of confidence, which is unbecoming for a pageant winner. If you’re on the fence, it might be wise to choose a one-piece halter, such as the summertime swimsuit.

Pageant Swimwear for Your Unique Figure

The good news is that even a two-piece suit can be more or less modest and capable of hiding flaws in your figure. A higher cut on the legs can make legs appear longer, and built-in padding can balance out a pear figure.

Learn more about choosing the best swimsuit for your look. Enjoy the widest selection of features and cuts with

Step on Stage in the 2013 Mac Duggal Pageant Gown Collection

Jun 7, 2013

If you’re looking for a high-end pageant gown, the collection of 2013 Mac Duggal pageant dresses from will fill the bill. There’s no need to look any further thanks to the quality, style and detailing that comes with all Mac Duggal pageant dresses that we sell at Pageant Designs. Our most popular designs will make you stand out from the moment that you take the stage.

Before you make your final selection make sure you take a look at these great pageant dresses from the 2013 Mac Duggal pageant dresses line.Mac-Duggal-2013-Pageant-Collection

This classic silk empire waist pageant gown in ice pink features a hand-beaded Swarovski rhinestone bust with a split, shimmering floor length hem that flows as you walk.

You’ll be graceful and elegant, wearing the Mac Duggal 43002P magenta fitted satin gown with beaded waistline that accentuates your waist.

Make a statement with this royal blue Mac Duggal pageant dress, with a striking fit and thigh high split that features an intricate Swarovski design on the bodice and hips.

The outstanding sophisticated floor-length rhinestone sheer pageant gown features an asymmetrical one-sleeve design with hand-beaded lace appliques.

To learn more about our 2013 Mac Duggal pageant gowns visit, or call us at 864-263-437.

Sweet Sixteen Party Have You Broke? Cut Corners With These Tips!

Jun 7, 2013

Cut costs for your sweet sixteen party with these tips!

Cut costs for your sweet sixteen party with these tips!

Having a sweet sixteen party is not cheap! We know that a lot of time, money and effort go into planning the most memorable 16th birthday party. Why not cut some corners and costs with these tips from You can get the best bang for your buck while still having the time of your life!

  • Try making your own decorations instead of buying them. There are plenty of blogs, as well as Pinterest boards dedicated to making your own party decorations! Plus, they’ll be exactly what you want and adorably homemade!
  • Instead of doing a large dinner for the guests of your sweet sixteen parties, try doing small finger foods instead! Your guests can snack throughout the whole party and you will save money by not paying for a huge meal.
  • Try having your party in a large space, such as an empty barn, a church hall, or a picnic grove, instead of the pricey banquet halls. Many private organizations like churches or other halls allow you to rent the space for a small cost or donation to the organization.
  • Keep your guest list to a 100-person maximum. If you have a larger group of friends or a huge family, it can be difficult to keep a cap on the number of people to invite. Try to narrow down your group of friends to the people you will think would attend and add them to guest list first.
  • Instead of hiring a DJ for your big bash, use your computer! Hooking up your computer or music player to a set of speakers isn’t difficult at all and you get to control the playlist! This works out even better, as far as what music you’d like to be played, and cuts the cost of renting a DJ for the night!

Have any more tips on how to cut costs at your sweet sixteen parties or have any stories you’d like to share with us about how you did so? Share it with us in a comment below!