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Strange Beauty Pageants from Around the World

Jun 27, 2013

Pageants are unique in their own respected ways, but many unique and even bizarre pageants exist or have existed around the world.  Imagine participating in the 1970’s Miss American Vampire pageant or perhaps Miss Atom in the 90’s, which was used to highlight the positives of nuclear power. Below are our top 5 strangest beauty pageants from around the world.


Mr. or Miss Mosquito Legs: Held at the Great Texas Mosquito Festival, pageant dresses aren’t necessarily required. Instead, contestants put on a pair of shorts and wait for mosquitoes to bite them, the person with the best bites wins.

Miss Klingon: A normal beauty pageant, with a very big twist. Contestants are required to wear their best Klingon wear and participate in Klingon themed activities. Klingon’s are a popular type of character from the science fiction show Star Trek.

Miss Land Mine: However a bizarre idea, this pageant is for women from Angola who have lost limbs due to land mines. Winners are asked to participate in standard pageant activities, and the first place winner gets a high quality, gold painted prosthesis. This pageant truly shows that beauty is more than what is on the outside.

Miss Diaper Queen: In 1947, women we’re asked to participate in a pageant held for the Diaper Service Institute of America in Chicago. Contestants we’re asked to look their best while wearing a cloth diaper. The company no longer exists, and luckily neither does the pageant.

Miss American Vampire: Long before Twilight, Miss American Vampire existed. This unique pageant required women 18-25 to produce their most imaginative vampire look. The pageant, hosted by Regis Philbin, was a marketing idea for the movie, The House of Dark Shadows.

Do you know of any other bizarre pageants? Leave them below in the comments!

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