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Win Over the Judges with These DIY beauty Tips

Jun 21, 2013

Don't let the snag stop you and use these beauty fixes in your next pageant!

Don't let the snag stop you and use these beauty fixes in your next pageant!

Pageant girls know that when you’re in a pinch, time is everything. Even when it comes to your hair, makeup, and nails, a little slip up could cost you the whole pageant! Don’t worry though: has the best beauty tips so that your pageant dresses and personality will impress the judges, not your beauty faux pas!

  • Have a run in your stockings that’s starting somewhere that people can’t see, but you’re afraid it might get bigger? Grab some clear nail polish and paint the run. The clear nail polish keeps the run from growing until you remove your stockings!
  • If you bump your nails while they’re still wet with polish, lick the spot that smudged. Your saliva mixes with the polish and makes the snag smooth again.
  • Forgetting your eyelash curler is a drag. When you forget this magic tool, take a spoon and turn it bottom side out. Press the edge of the spoon against your eyelid gently, popping your eyelashes up and out. Apply the mascara while doing this with the spoon and your eyelashes will be just as curled as if they were with the actual tool.
  • If you’re hair is a bit shiny with grease before you head out on stage, don’t fret! Take a flat brush, spray some aerosol hairspray on the bristles, and brush on the greasy spot.  The aerosol hairspray works almost like a dry shampoo and dulls the oil in your hair.
  • Have a pimple the night before pageant day? Apply some white toothpaste or a tablet of aspirin, crushed with water to the spot. The toothpaste takes the red out of the pimple, while the aspirin paste reduces the puffiness.
  • Dark circles under your eyes from the night before the pageant? Highlighter will fix it! Take a foundation brush, apply directly over the dark circles, and blend in with your foundation. The light color and reflective properties of the highlighter deflects light from the dark circles, making them look healthy, well rested, and glowing!

Have anymore DIY beauty fixes to help out other pageant queens? Leave it in a comment below!

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