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Dry Skin for Homecoming – Be Gone! Banish it With Our Avocado Moisturizing Face Mask

Sep 26, 2013

Try out this awesome, moisturizing avocado mask before you go to homecoming 2013!

Try out this awesome, moisturizing avocado mask before you go to homecoming 2013!

With this time of the year comes something that all divas’ dread: dry skin. Whether it’s your nose or around your forehead, this seasonal annoyance can be prevented with two of your favorite household ingredients. Who knew that mixing an avocado and honey together could help you banish the dry skin so you can dance the night away during homecoming 2013 in pure confidence?

Avocado & Honey Moisturizing Face Mask


  • 1 Avocado, ripe, skinned, and mashed
  • ½ cup of Organic Honey


Cut the avocado around the pit, twisting both sides in opposite directions until the sections separate from the pit. Scoop the pit out of the half with a spoon and throw away. Next, take each section of the avocado, cut into smaller, square sections. Then take your spoon, run it around the part where the skin meets the flesh of the vegetable and spoon into a bowl. Mash the avocado until it is a paste, and then mix in the half of cup of organic honey. Mix these two ingredients until smooth.

Next, you’ll apply this mixture to your whole face, or just the problem areas, for at least 15 minutes. Wait until the mask is dry, and then remove it with a damp washcloth. Make sure you’re doing all you can to prevent those dry spots so you can enjoy your homecoming 2013 free of worry!

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