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Can you Rock it? The Best Prom Dress Colors for Your Skin Tone

Oct 25, 2013

Find out which color fits your skin tone the best!

Find out which color fits your skin tone the best!

Whether you’re a redhead with pale skin and freckles, or you have an olive tone to your skin and dark hair, finding the right colors to match your skin tone can be tough.  At, we have the perfect tips on how to shop for your prom dress in 2014 so that it flatters you, your skin tone, and your personality in the best ways possible!

There are three different categories of undertones that your skin can fall under: cool, neutral, or warm. The way you figure this out is when you’re wearing a pure white shirt, or towel. If your skin has a yellow or gold kind of tone to it next to the white towel or shirt, you have warm undertones. If you have a green or grey skin tint to your skin, you have neutral undertones. If your skin gives off a pink, red, or blue glint, you have cool undertones. This is the way that makeup artists and fashion designers determine what color looks best on certain people.

Once you determine your undertones, you can then decide which color works best with your skin. A great way to determine which kind of shades and colors work best with your skin is to hold the color up to your face. If you are more of a cool-toned lady, a dress that is in a darker shade usually works best for your skin. Colors like white, emerald green, black, royal blue, navy blue, and red are some of your best picks for this type of skin tone. When you’re a warm undertone, the earthy, more natural colors work best with your glow. Try out a bronze, orange, cream, yellow, or bright green for your dress color. Once you determine which kind of dress works with you, the rest is truly up to the way you rock it!

Have anymore tips on finding the color for your prom dress in 2014? Share it with us in a comment below!

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