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How to Prep for Homecoming 2013: The Last Minute Tips You Need to Look Your Best

Oct 4, 2013

Follow these tips on how to prep for homecoming 2013 to look and feel your best!

Follow these tips on how to prep for homecoming 2013 to look and feel your best!

You’ve searched through countless homecoming dresses for 2013, found the perfect gown, shoes, and accessories, now what? Prepping for your homecoming night is essential to looking your best when you win that coveted crown, and has a timeline of what you need to do before the big dance!

A week before the event: You’ll want to start drinking that daily amount of water that your doctor told you about! Start by drinking eight, 8 oz. cups of water per day. This will help hydrate you properly, as well as keep your skin clear and your body’s immune system in check. In addition to drinking water, you also need to keep a regiment of daily vitamins. Vitamins like Vitamin E, B-12, and other multi-vitamins can help to keep your skin clear from breakouts, as well as helping to maintain a stable immune system.

Five days before the event: Need a little extra TLC on your eyebrows? Today’s the day to do it! Whether you wax, pluck, or thread to maintain the shape of your eyebrows, performing the actual process of hair removal works best about 4-5 days before the event. This is to help prevent redness or a breakout from chemicals (if you have sensitive skin) right before you head out to the dance. Also, this is a great time to do a trial run of your hair up-do for the big night. Get with your hair stylist or person that’s going to be helping you to your hair, and start playing around with different ways to do it.

Three days before the event: Time to do a trial run of your makeup for the big night! If possible, try on your whole outfit together, with makeup and hair, to make sure everything looks exactly how you’d like it to look. If it’s not how you want it to look for your big night, you can make changes accordingly and within enough time so you aren’t rushing to get things done. Three days before the event is also a great time to make sure things like your flowers, limousine, and dinner reservations are all in check, so you can have a stress-free night!

The night before the event: Treat Yourself! We love to partake in this at, especially the night before homecoming. Take some time for you and get your hands and feet manicured to perfection. Perhaps you can try out one of our DIY Face Masks, like our Chocolate Oatmeal Mask or Avocado Mask to keep your skin in tip-top shape. Also – keep in mind not to wash your hair the night before unless absolutely necessary. Up –do’s hold better for the night if your hair has its own, natural oils in it. If you have a pimple that decides to make its way to your face the night before, put a dab of toothpaste (yes, we said toothpaste) on it to eliminate swelling and redness! And most importantly – get some sleep!

Have more tips on how to prep successfully for homecoming 2013? Leave it in a comment below!

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