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Be the Belle of the Ball with These 5 Beauty Must-Haves

Nov 22, 2013

Grab these 5 beauty must-haves before heading to your holiday party this season!

Grab these 5 beauty must-haves before heading to your holiday party this season!

So what are you toting along with you when you head to your holiday ball this winter? Besides picking out one of our adorable holiday cocktail dresses, has some awesome must-have beauty items to keep stashed away in your wristlet so you can “Jingle Bell Rock” all night long!

  1. Alcohol-free chapstick: Keep your lips moist with chapstick that doesn’t have alcohol in it. Alcohol ingredients can dry out your smackers even more than they already are!
  2. Band Aides: It is pretty common for us girls to bring shoes along with us to an event that are a bit uncomfortable. Stash at least two band aides in your wristlet in case a dreaded blister forms on your foot from all that dancing!
  3. Pressed-powder compact: Makeup isn’t made to last forever, gals; it’s an unfortunate truth that we all know too well. Keep some pressed-powder in your handbag during the night so you can make touch-up’s as needed, or zap an oily spot on your skin in no time flat!
  4. Makeup Wipe: If you don’t want to bring your whole package, stuff a few makeup wipes in a plastic bag. A smoky eye can turn into a raccoon eye quick, so save yourself with a face wipe.
  5. Shea butter lotion: Grab a travel-size of one of these light-weight lotions for your small handbag. Not only can it save your hands from being cracked, but it can smooth flyaway’s quick when you’re on the go!

Have anything more to add to our beauty must-have list? Share it with us in a comment below!

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