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Top 5 Films about Beauty Pageants

Nov 20, 2013

Beauty pageant dresses, all-star casts, and hilarious plots, these are our favorite movies that involve beauty pageants! Grab a bag of popcorn, put your legs up and enjoy our top 5 beauty pageant movies! Pageant-Films

  1. Miss Congeniality - This hilarious comedy stars America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock as an FBI agent who enters a beauty pageant to prevent a terrorist attack. Miss Congeniality is glitz, glam, action and laughs. Of course, our favorite part is the stunning wardrobe.
  2. Little Miss Sunshine - It’s funny, it’s sometimes sad, but overall Little Miss Sunshine is a beautiful film about a family road trip to get their young daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant.
  3. Beautiful – Beautiful tells the story of Mona, who sacrifices everything in pursuit of winning a beauty pageant. Beautiful is directed by Sally Field, and stars Minnie Driver as Mona Hibbard.
  4. Smile – Smile tells the story of the contestants and people involved in a California beauty pageant. Perhaps one of the first films with a beauty pageant plot, Smile is a classic film that any pageant queen is sure to love! In 1986, the film was made in a wildly popular Broadway play of the same name.
  5. Miss Firecracker – Starring Holly Hinter and Tim Robbins, Miss Firecracker tells the story of Carnelle, a girl who is down on her luck and decides to enter a beauty contest to improve herself. Miss Firecracker is a classic film, that every pageant fan is sure to get a kick out of.

What are your favorite films about pageants? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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