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Looking for the Prom After-Party? Check out these affordable and fun tips!

Jan 31, 2014

Looking for a more affordable prom after party? Check out our suggestions for fun things to do after the big dance!

Looking for a more affordable prom after party? Check out our suggestions for fun things to do after the big dance!

After the dance is over and your prom dress is turned in for a pair of jeans, you want to have some fun with your friends to complete your night to remember! Of course – prom can be a pricey event, so why not have some fun without spending all your cash? We have some great ideas for what you and your friends can do after prom that won’t break your bank, but still create memories for years to come.

  • The movies – Many movie theaters across the country are open until 12 a.m., and sometimes even have premiers for highly anticipated movies at that time too. Check out your local theater for a flick and maybe if you’re lucky – you’ll be able to see the premier of a great movie before anyone else!
  • Bowling – Maybe you’re not the best bowler around, but chances are your friends aren’t professionals either. Grab your date and a few of your closest friends for some fun, midnight bowling. Maybe even skip changing out of your prom garb and hit the lanes in your gowns & tuxes!
  • Breakfast – Maybe your prom gets out at 11 p.m. or later, and you’re all starving from dancing the night away. Make a stop at an all-night local diner for breakfast! Who doesn’t love eating pancakes, bacon, and eggs late at night?
  • Host a Movie Marathon – Maybe going to the movies is a little out of your prom budget. Why not host an all-night movie marathon at your house? Watching your favorite movies with some of your favorite friends can make for an awesome, after-prom fiesta.

Have any more ideas for after prom parties that don’t break the bank? Leave it in a comment below with us!

Be Prepared for Emergencies with Pageant Accessories!

Jan 27, 2014

Whether you’re new to the pageant circuit or a seasoned runway veteran, every contestant should have a kit packed with essential items that will help ensure pageant success. At Pageant Designs, we have all of the pageant accessories you need to look your best in front of the judges. As you pack for your next pageant, make sure you check these essentials off your list of things to pack. Alyce Designs

Body Shapers – Lines under sleek, sexy dresses are a no-no, but these great undergarments with keep you smooth and confident.

Silicone Nipple Covers – Backless pageant gowns often require you to go braless. Boost your confidence with our silicone nipple covers that secure easily inside of your pageant dress.

Undergarment Pads – Eliminate embarrassing camel toe with washable undergarment pads. Place them inside underwear and secure with double-sided tape, which is also a must to keep dresses from slipping down.

Tan Towels – With so much skin exposed, you’ll also want good color. Be sure to have a packet of tan towels that will give your body an essential glow.

Nylons – Make sure you pack extra nylons, in case one set gets a run.

Heel Protectors – Reduce wear and stay comfortable in kitten heels or stilettos with clear heel protectors.

You’ll always be prepared for every pageant emergency when you shop!

From Prom Dresses to Eyeliner: What You Need to Know About Beauty

Jan 24, 2014

Snag these easy beauty tips to lighten your purse when you head out prom dress shopping!

Snag these easy beauty tips to lighten your purse when you head out prom dress shopping!

What do you pack in your purse for beauty purposes throughout the day? The average woman’s purse is close to 30 lbs. – yes, that much – but is it all necessary? We have some tips to help you cut down on all the beauty products you carry around in your purse! So when you’re shopping for prom dresses or just having a day out on the town, you can enjoy it without carrying around all that weight.

  • To prevent smudging your eyeliner throughout the day, blot your eyelids with an oil-removing tissue before applying eye makeup.
  • If you do smudge your eyeliner or mascara under your eye, dab a non-medicated chapstick underneath the eye and the makeup should come off with a tissue.
  • Having a static problem with your hair – or even worse – your skirt? Use a small amount of lotion (preferably ones with no dye involved) on either the outside of your legs/tights, or ends of your hair. The moisture will help nip static electricity in the bud!
  • Use a SPF moisturizer before you put on your makeup in the morning, even if it’s winter.
  • Make sure you check the labels of your chapstick before you buy them – some of the most popular brands contain alcohol, which dry out your lips.
  • Broke your favorite eye shadow? No problem! Empty the eye shadow crumbs out onto a paper towel, add just a bit of rubbing alcohol to the container, put the crumbs back in and press down until it’s all combined again!
  • Don’t throw away your mascara before it’s time, even if it seems like it may be all gone. Add a few drops of contact solution to the mascara tube; shake, and your mascara will be brought back to life! And also – this prevents clumping too.

Have any more beauty tips you can send our way to lighten our purses? Leave it in a comment below!

Wow The Crowd with Prima Donna Pageant Dresses

Jan 20, 2014

Wow the judges when you walk down the pageant runway with Prima Donna pageant dresses.  Created by Party Time Formals, Prima Donna pageant gowns are among the most popular pageant dresses you’ll find at These pageant dresses will turn you into a spectacular diva who is ready to take on any pageant competition! Here are some of our favorite Prima Donna pageant dresses:

Prima Donna Pageant Dresses

Prima Donna 5658 – Featuring a one shoulder neckline, decorated with Swarovski crystals and rhinestones, as well as a thigh high leg split, this pageant dress will complete your sexy pageant look!

Prima Donna 5553 – Available in a one of a kind creamsicle color, this pageant gown is made from translucent silk chiffon, and features a delicate figure eight embellishment made from shining jewels.

Prima Donna 5673 – Sparkle and shine as you walk down the runway wearing this fitted pageant gown, decorated in intricate rhinestones!

Prima Donna 5606 – With its long, flowing A-line skirt, empire waist, and ruched bust with a beaded brooch, this Prima Donna pageant dress will bring out your innocent side.

Prima Donna pageant dresses give you the ultimate in glitz with a healthy dose of sexy! Which Prima Donna pageant dress is your favorite?

Channel Your Favorite Awards Show Divas with These Prom 2014 Gowns

Jan 13, 2014

Find out which of your favorite Hollywood starlet’s dresses you can channel for your prom 2014 gown!

Find out which of your favorite Hollywood starlet’s dresses you can channel for your prom 2014 gown!

The Golden Globes is one of the biggest fashion nights of the year – and we think that some of the leading ladies of this awards show deserve some kudos when it comes to their wardrobes! If you’re looking to channel one of these silver screen divas for your prom 2014 gown, we have some in our collection to help you feel like an award-winning starlet for a night!

Channeling Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara for your prom 2014 look? Her black, sweetheart-neckline, strapless ball gown by designer Zac Posen may cost you a pretty penny, but you can get our Stunning Ball Gown Evening Dress by Alyce Black Label in Black (5529)! This beautiful gown is simple but striking like the gorgeous Vergara’s Golden Globe’s dress, and gives you the Hollywood flare you’re searching for!

Funny lady and co-host, Tina Fey, never lets anyone tell her what to wear and we adore that about her! We loved her classically stunning Carolina Herrera black and red poppy, strapless gown at the Golden Globes. If there’s one thing that will make a splash at your prom, it’s a bold print for your gown! If you want to channel Ms. Bossypants herself, check out our Strapless Polka Dot Prints Prom Ball Gown Faviana in Red & Black (6910).

GIRLS creator and budding actress, Lena Dunham, always has the best looks on the red carpet. At the Golden Globes, we loved her canary yellow, strapless mermaid gown by designer Zac Posen – which gained much attention for not only the vibrant yellow, but also the simple design of the dress itself. If you’re scouting Lena’s style for your prom 2014 gown, take a peek at our Sweetheart Neckline Long Dress by Wow Prom in Yellow (5082)!

Want to see the rest of our prom 2014 gown collection? Shop with us today at!

Pageant Pinterest Palooza!

Jan 8, 2014

Did you know that Pageant Designs is on Pinterest? We love sharing all of our wonderful brand name pageant dresses with you, and providing you with tips to succeed in the pageant world! Here are some of our most popular pageant pins. Pinterest Pageant Dresses

Claudine by Alyce 2044 – This shimmering gold pageant dress is sure to attract the judge’s attention. From its slimming mermaid silhouette to its strapless beaded neckline, you’ll shine like a celebrity as you strut your stuff across the pageant state!

Mac Duggal 50076P – Available in ice blue and ice pink, this Mac Duggal pageant dress is flattering no matter which color you choose. Featuring a silk skirt with a split in the light satin underlay, and a one shoulder neckline that’s adorned with A.B. Swarovski crystals, this is one of our favorite Mac Duggal designs!

Sugar Girls 81527S – Every pageant princess needs the perfect pageant dress for every competition. Available in a dramatic red, bold purple, and glittering white, these Sugar Girls pageant dresses will make your little girl shine like the star she truly is!

To see all of our stunning pageant pins, follow Pageant Designs on Pinterest today. You can also see some of our in store pageant dresses when you follow Pageant Designs on Instagram. Let us know which pageant dress is your favorite!

Rocking Your Perfect Prom 2014 Makeup

Jan 3, 2014

Find out how to match your makeup with your prom 2014 the right way!

Find out how to match your makeup with your prom 2014 the right way!

Looking for some inspiration when it comes to your prom 2014 makeup? We have the tips on how to successfully complete your prom look – from head to toe!

  • Picking out which kind of dress goes with your skin tone should be the first thing you do. Need help determining what kind of color matches with your skin tone? Check out our blog here on how to determine if you have cool or warm undertones.
  • After you pick out which dress compliments you the best, it’s time to decide what kind of makeup scheme you’re going to want to coordinate with. Is your dress flashy with tons of colors or is it a solid, statement dress that deserves a little more dramatic eyeliner? Deciding on what should be the star of your prom 2014 style – whether it’s the makeup, shoes, or dress – needs to be determined.

Simple Dress, Dramatic Makeup

  • If this is your case, like our Evening Prom Gown Alyce B’Dazzle in Red (35514), you’re going to want to play up your makeup. When the dress doesn’t have a lot going on, playing up your eyes, lips, or brows can be your focal point. Try out a sleek, black cat-eye if you’re looking to dramatize your look.

Flashy Dress, Flashy Eyes

  • Have a floral dress, like our Colorful Printed Charmeuse Faviana Prom Gown (6952)? Don’t worry – you can still make your makeup flashy, too! When there’s a lot of vibrant colors used in the pattern, you can pick one of them to use as your eye shadow. However, go easy on the amount of shadow you put on your eyes – you want it to be subtle enough that your gorgeous dress is still the focal point!

Have more tips on how to rock your prom 2014 makeup? Leave it in a comment below!