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From Prom Dresses to Eyeliner: What You Need to Know About Beauty

Jan 24, 2014

Snag these easy beauty tips to lighten your purse when you head out prom dress shopping!

Snag these easy beauty tips to lighten your purse when you head out prom dress shopping!

What do you pack in your purse for beauty purposes throughout the day? The average woman’s purse is close to 30 lbs. – yes, that much – but is it all necessary? We have some tips to help you cut down on all the beauty products you carry around in your purse! So when you’re shopping for prom dresses or just having a day out on the town, you can enjoy it without carrying around all that weight.

  • To prevent smudging your eyeliner throughout the day, blot your eyelids with an oil-removing tissue before applying eye makeup.
  • If you do smudge your eyeliner or mascara under your eye, dab a non-medicated chapstick underneath the eye and the makeup should come off with a tissue.
  • Having a static problem with your hair – or even worse – your skirt? Use a small amount of lotion (preferably ones with no dye involved) on either the outside of your legs/tights, or ends of your hair. The moisture will help nip static electricity in the bud!
  • Use a SPF moisturizer before you put on your makeup in the morning, even if it’s winter.
  • Make sure you check the labels of your chapstick before you buy them – some of the most popular brands contain alcohol, which dry out your lips.
  • Broke your favorite eye shadow? No problem! Empty the eye shadow crumbs out onto a paper towel, add just a bit of rubbing alcohol to the container, put the crumbs back in and press down until it’s all combined again!
  • Don’t throw away your mascara before it’s time, even if it seems like it may be all gone. Add a few drops of contact solution to the mascara tube; shake, and your mascara will be brought back to life! And also – this prevents clumping too.

Have any more beauty tips you can send our way to lighten our purses? Leave it in a comment below!

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