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5 Things to do the Night before Prom

Feb 27, 2014

Do these 5 things the night before prom and have the time of your life!

Do these 5 things the night before prom and have the time of your life!

Need some help getting ready before prom? Don’t stress out – you can start the night before with 5 easy tips from us – and they don’t involve getting into your prom dress the night before.

  1. Drink lots of water – If you’re a dancing queen like we know you are, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water the night before the big dance. This way you stay hydrated all night and can bust all the moves you’ve been saving up for!
  2. Get plenty of sleep – We know you’re excited, but getting lots of rest the night before prom is essential. Making sure you get at least eight hours the night before can seem tough – but it’s really important to not only your body but your appearance too. No one likes to see their prom pictures come with puffy or baggy eyes!
  3. Don’t wash your hair – we know it may be tough for some of you, especially if you’re prone to grease, but this one is really important! If you want your up-do to hold, look crisp, and not fall out by 6 p.m., skip shampooing your hair the night before. The grease in your hair actually helps to keep the hairstyle intact, so you can keep the party going all night!
  4. Tweeze your eyebrows – Have a couple of stragglers in your brow line, but just had them waxed? Don’t go through the hassle of having them completely done over – just tweeze the small eyebrow hairs that need to go so you don’t have bright red eyebrows for the big day.
  5. Eat a good dinner Don’t eat light – eat what you usually would for dinner. Make sure it’s a balanced meal as always, complete with your veggies and healthy grains to give you stamina to dance the night away!

Have any more prom tips for the night before? Leave them in a comment below!

Stay Sophisticated with Pageant Jewelry

Feb 26, 2014

Pageant-JewelryStunning and sophisticated beauty pageant jewelry from Pageant Designs is a must for women of all ages who are competing in a beauty pageant. Jewelry is one of the elements in a pageant that can make you stand out from all of the other beauties on stage. The Pageant Designs selection of beautiful pageant earrings and pageant bracelets is perfect for completing any pageant look.

From jewelry that will compliment sophisticated eveningwear to earrings that can match the most beautiful gowns, Pageant Designs offers fun and functional items that are perfect for any budget. When you’re looking to sparkle on the stage, you should carefully consider the style and color of jewelry that you choose.

Pageant Designs carries stunning multicolored tear drop earrings from designer Carole Fay, which look amazing under the lights! Beauty pageant jewelry is also available in blue, cheetah or black to compliment any dress. Pageant Designs also offers designer bracelets in various sizes. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a 1¼” thick rhinestone bracelet or you want an elegant round cut formal bracelet to pull your outfit together, you’ll be pleased with the options available at Pageant Designs.

Prom Beauty 101: DIY Acne Masks that will Amaze You

Feb 21, 2014

Discover these awesome DIY acne masks and embrace your inner prom beauty for the big day!

Discover these awesome DIY acne masks and embrace your inner prom beauty for the big day!

Have the occasional break out or constant acne? Don’t worry about it – we have the best DIY acne masks that will not only amaze you, but add to your prom beauty too!

Coconut Mask


  • 1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil (Unrefined or extra virgin)
  • ¼ Tsp. of Tree Oil
  • 1/8 Tsp. of Neem Oil
  • 1 Tsp. Lemon Juice


Mix all these great-smelling ingredients together and put on your face for five minutes. When your time is up, wipe the mask off. The coconut oil is great for clearing the acne that’s on your face off, while the tree oil is good for healing scars and promoting regrowth of skin.

Nutmeg Mask


  • 1 Tsp. Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 Tsp. Ground nutmeg
  • 1 Tsp. Honey (Organic if possible)
  • 1 Tsp. Lemon Juice


Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and apply the mask for 45 minutes. Please note that this will burn a little bit, but the results are totally worth it.

Have any more acne masks for our prom beauty archive? Leave it with us in a comment below!

How to Look Beautiful at Beauty Pageants

Feb 20, 2014

Finding stunning South Carolina pageant dresses is only one key to becoming successful on the beauty pageantPageant_Beauty_Tips competition circuit. Looking good is essential, not only with regard to grooming, but in the entire way you carry yourself. Good looks simply don’t happen overnight. To look your best on competition days, get plenty of sleep beforehand, drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet. All of these simple rules that everyone should follow will keep your skin glowing.

Savvy contestants know that proper application is paramount. Make sure to use concealer to hide dark circles and other flaws. For that truly seamless, professional look, invest in an airbrush makeup applicator. When applying your makeup, put on your most dazzling smile because this is how the judges and the audience will see you. Make sure you use moisturizer, both for your face and your lips to avoid those tiny cracks and crevices.

Being comfortable in your South Carolina pageant dresses is another key. A dress that is too tight, too loose, or doesn’t suit your body, won’t make you beautiful and can actually distract from your look. The same applies for shoes. Learn how to walk in high heels before you go out on the runway.

You can find more beauty pageant tips at!

Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Beauty Pageant

Feb 16, 2014

Pageant-SwimwearThe swimwear portion of a beauty pageant can be nerve-wracking for many pageant contestants, but this doesn’t have to be the case when you choose the suit that is right for you. Just following our tips for choosing the best pageant swimwear for you!

  1. First and foremost, the pageant swimwear that you choose should be comfortable and should fit your body. If you are not comfortable wearing a two piece swimsuit, then you should not choose this look. While it may be beautiful on stage, it will not do you any good if you look nervous and uncomfortable wearing it on stage.
  2. Once you’ve chosen your style of suit, choose the color or pattern that’s right for you. Pageant Designs offers exciting colors and patterns from the top designer Lady M that will help you dazzle on stage. Whether you choose a pretty in pink suit or opt for something that is bright yellow.
  3. Complete your look with undergarment pads that help hold your suit in place. These allow you to move around the stage with increased confidence.

Following these three simple tips will help you choose the right pageant swimwear for your needs.

Saving Money for Your Dream Prom Dress: What You Need to do in 4 Months

Feb 14, 2014

Save for your dream prom dress with these awesome tips & tricks!

Save for your dream prom dress with these awesome tips & tricks!

We know that saving money for your dream prom dress can be tough when you’re working, going to school, and trying to balance the rest of your life as well! At, we’ve consulted some of the best experts when it comes to stashing away cash so you can have the perfect prom dress this year without skimping!

  • Start by making a budget of everything you’ll need to have your dress dreams come true – this means taking into consideration alterations to the gown, accessories, and anything else you’ll need.
  • Next, compare how much you make weekly or biweekly to the amount you’re going to need for your gown.
    • Example – If you make $300 every two weeks, how much of that can go to a dress without you cutting yourself short for other expenses?
  • Planning out how much money you’ll need for all the necessary things – such as gas for your car, lunch money for school, etc. If you have monthly bills that you pay, you’ll want to divide the total amount into how much you’ll be paying per pay period. This will help you really see all of your expenses weekly and monthly.
  • Set aside a jar in your room and throw all your loose change in it. Put it somewhere that’s easily accessible so throwing change into it when you’re passing by is simple.
  • The money you are specifically putting away for your prom gown should go into a safe place. This could be a safety lock box or a specific savings account.
  • Make a chart of your goal so you can visibly see how far away from your goal you are. This can help you see how much progress you’ve made and how much more you have to go. Plus, it’s a great self-esteem booster to see all the goals you’re reaching!

Have other tips on how we can save for our dream prom dress? Leave it with us in a comment below!

Bold, Daring & Out of the Box: Sherri Hill Prom Dresses

Feb 7, 2014

If you’re looking for a dress that stands out in the crowd, our selection of Sherri Hill prom dresses is exactly where you should start your search!

If you’re looking for a dress that stands out in the crowd, our selection of Sherri Hill prom dresses is exactly where you should start your search!

Looking for a prom dress that’s unique, stylish and something that can’t be duplicated? Check out our selection of Sherri Hill prom dresses! Here are just four of our favorites for you to make a statement with this prom 2014.

Two Piece Polka Dot Skirt Prom Gown (21259): This dress was recently modeled by celebrity socialite, Kylie Jenner, in Seventeen Magazine’s Prom edition! She rocked this adorable two-piece, crop top prom dress (yes, we said two piece) in the iconic magazine’s prom special, and we think you could too! It’s the perfect dress to get for prom if you’re on the prowl for something that will definitely make a statement and stick out!

Vintage Floral Beaded Appliqués Ball Gown (21134): This dress reminds us of the stylish, late Hollywood starlet, Audrey Hepburn. If you’re looking to channel a different era on your prom night, this stunning ball gown from Sherri Hill is it. Not only will you feel like a star, but this is something that will make you stand out like one, too!

Exotic Feathered Skirt Ball Gown (21099): Strutting your stuff at prom won’t be hard with this exotic, feathered number. From the gorgeous embellished bodice, to the strikingly unique feather skirt, this will be a prom dress that will go down in the books as completely unforgettable!

Daring Cut Out Bodice Prom Gown (21252): This one-shouldered number is sure to stand out among the rest of the gowns at prom! With the cut out sides, this beautifully designed dress is the perfect look for the girl who’s been searching for the dress everyone will be talking about.

Want to see the rest of our Sherri Hill prom dresses? Head on over to today!