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Spring 2014 Makeup Trends Pageantified!

Mar 31, 2014

Some gals are obsessed with shoes, some with the latest in celebrity gossip. As for me, it’s all about makeup and purses! I mean, sure, there are other things I get pretty passionate about. Fancy dresses, for one, and I’ve been known to browse puppy pictures for hours on end. But when it comes to the big seasonal announcements, such as the best makeup trends for spring 2014, that’s when I just about lose my mind with excitement. Seriously, I can’t watch the videos, read the articles, or look at the pretty pictures fast enough!

Bright Orange LipstickI was recently flipping through some articles on what’s poised for greatness in the makeup world this spring, and started thinking about how those looks work for pageants. Let’s look at a few selections from Glamour Beauty’s The Best Makeup Trends From Spring 2014 Fashion Week and see how they stack up for the stage…

Trend: Soft Berry Lips – As we all know, words like ‘soft’, ‘subtle’, and ‘muted’ can translate to ‘washed out’ once the bright lights hit. However, if you’re going for a more natural look, or really want to play up your eyes, this trend could work. Is a bold lip a must? Ignore the call for softness, but sweeten up to the idea of a rich berry!

Trend: Bright Orange Lipstick – You know, I really wish this would work for me! I ADORE orange and often gravitate toward it when buying things for my home. Orange dishes, orange candles, orange throw pillows and more. But as a lighter skinned lady with pink undertones, orange is a tricky color to pull off when it comes to clothes and makeup. That said, for many who don’t share my coloring, orange is an absolute homerun. It’s fresh, youthful, unique and eye-catching, and if it works with your skin tone and hair color, please give it a try in pageant and beyond!

Trend: Glowing Skin – Yes, yes, and a little more yes. And then throw in another yes for good measure! I am just as drawn to the look of flawless matte skin in a magazine as the next girl is, but in real life it can look flat, dry and lifeless. Dewy, fresh, glowing skin, however? That just about always looks amazing, whether you’re headed to the office, a pageant, or just want to look fabulous while you read the Sunday paper. The bonus is that it feels better and often is better for your skin as well. Since you aren’t striving for a flat matte, you can feel free to work with a super skin-satisfying moisturizer as your base. This makes it easier to smile because your skin feels nourished, and because you’ve taken all the power away from powder!

Jovani Dresses that Go for the Gold!

Mar 28, 2014

Jovani 11002 DressJovani 3221 Dress

Whether you’re shopping for a pageant or prom dress, there is no denying that gold is among the hottest colors of the season. If you needed any proof beyond the fact that designers are turning out some of the chicest gold pieces ever, it was revealed on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Rachel Zoe and Isaac Mizrahi. Asked for their opinion on the color of the moment, these oh-so-fashionable folks declared the award goes to gold and yellow. We couldn’t agree more!

While many designers are whipping up gleaming gold dresses, we wanted to shine the light on some of our favorites from Jovani. Jovani dresses are loved by women of all ages, and they keep this love coming by creating pieces that are always on trend while being unique and fun. When you’re wearing a Jovani dress, you’re letting the world know that you aren’t simply here to dip your toes in the pool – you’re here to make a splash. And what color splash is more refreshing and radiant than gold? None that we can think of! If you’re browsing gowns for an upcoming pageant, or prom 2014 is on the horizon for you, be sure to check out our Jovani dress collection for gilded gorgeousness. Here are some to consider…

Jovani 172069
Jovani 173314
Jovani 9614
Jovani 173312
Jovani 11002
Jovani 3221

Our most Pinned Prom Gowns so far in 2014

Mar 25, 2014

Find out our four most pinned dresses of 2014 this far!

Find out our four most pinned dresses of 2014 this far!

If there’s one social media that always helps us connect with our Prom-nistas, it’s Pinterest! We see you all out there – pinning some of the most sought-after gowns of 2014, but you’re probably wondering which prom dresses take the cake for this year so far! Here are four gowns that our Pinterest fans adore!

High Neckline Crop Top by Sherri Hill – This hot two-piece is one of our bestselling dresses of 2014. Not to mention our Pinterest users repined it over 62 times! You can find this dress by Sheri Hill here on our site.

Elegant Lace and Illusion Flowing A-line Prom Dress by Tony Bowls Evenings (TBE11415)- This gown by Tony Bowls is an elegant, modest, show-stopper with gorgeous beading. It’s been pinned and repined over 123 times on Pinterest, so we definitely think that it’s a fan favorite! You can shop this adorably modest number here in our store.

Exquisite Mermaid Skirt Prom Dress By Sherri Hill (21051) – Looking to channel your inner mermaid for prom? This sheer mermaid skirted gown by Sherri hill has been pinned over 352 times. We know you like this dress – it’s a given – so you can shop it here in our store!

Lovely Beaded One Shoulder Empire Waist Prom Dress By Blush (9726) –Over 1,015 our Pinterest followers pinned and repined this gorgeous Persimmon colored gown! We love the detailing in the one shoulder, as well as the A-line drop skirt. We think you’d like to rock in on your prom night, so you can find it here on our website.

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DIY Prom Beauty: DIY Sugar Scrub for Shiny, Gorgeous Prom Hair

Mar 25, 2014

Find out the secret to shiny, salon-looking before prom hair with our DIY Sugar Hair Scrub!

Find out the secret to shiny, salon-looking before prom hair with our DIY Sugar Hair Scrub!

Looking for something that can be done the day before prom and will really give your whole look an extra amount of dazzle? Get ready – because we have the most delicious, shiniest, and easy DIY Sugar Scrub that will make you and your prom gown glow non-stop!

DIY Sugar Scrub for Shiny, Fresh Out of the Salon Hair


  • 3 Tbs. of Sugar in the Raw
  • 3 Tbs. White, Refined Sugar
  • 2 Tbs. Almond Extract or Lavender Oil
  • 2 Tsp. Fresh Lemon Juice


Blend all ingredients in a small, Tupperware container.  Take in the shower with you, and apply to your scalp after you’ve shampooed your hair. Massage the mixed into your scalp with your fingertips for 5-10 minutes. The thing you want to concentrate on when massaging the mixture into your hair is freeing the build up from product residue on your scalp, cleansing it and making sure that the shine comes back to your hair. After your 5-10 minutes is up, rinse the mixture from your hair thoroughly with cold or cooler water. Your hair should shine like it does when you get back from the salon after you do this sweet treatment!

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Designer Highlight: Flirt Prom by Maggie Sottero

Mar 25, 2014

Find out about what makes Flirt by Maggie Sottero one of our favorite prom 2014 designers.

Find out about what makes Flirt by Maggie Sottero one of our favorite prom 2014 designers.

Are you looking for fun, attention to detail, and uniqueness in design with your prom gown? We have a secret – and it lies within one of our most sought-after designers: Flirt by Maggie Sottero. Want to know more about our fun and flirty designer? has the scoop on what makes Maggie Sottero’s line the best of the best!

Flirt Prom started as a creative branch of the wedding dress designer Maggie Sottero.  Maggie Sottero’s bridal line was established in 1997, being one of the top wedding dress designers in the industry. However, branching out into something more fun, flirty, and exciting was in the future for this bridal brand – and along came Flirt Prom.

Flirt by Maggie Sottero’s “Flirtology” appeal is all in the design of their dresses. What makes this designer different from all our other prom dress manufacturers? The key is in the design. With vibrant colors, sparkling details, and a fit that will leave you wondering if the dress was made for you, finding the best prom, homecoming, or pageant dress within their stunning collection isn’t hard at all. You’ll be sure to find the perfect dress for your big day within the Flirt collection.

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Hosting the Post-Prom after Party? Here are some fun ideas!

Mar 25, 2014

Need some ideas for an after-prom party? We have three fun, affordable ways to do it!

Need some ideas for an after-prom party? We have three fun, affordable ways to do it!

After prom 2014 comes to an end, where do you head to? Some people head out to a bowling alley, or out to the movies to watch an early release, but most people head to a party. Perhaps you have the honor of hosting the post-prom party for you and your friends this year, but aren’t sure what to do. has some fun, affordable, and safe ideas for you and your friends to have a blast after one of the biggest nights of your life!

The Movie Marathon – This is something that everyone can enjoy in their formalwear or in the pajamas! Whether you decide on a horror movie marathon, or a chick-flick extravaganza, this after-prom party idea is affordable, relaxing, and always a blast. Plus – if you provide the movies, your friends can help pitch in with the snacks. Get your footie pajamas ready and a bowl of popcorn on your lap, because this post-prom gathering is one for the books.

Board Game Bash – This is a party that could bring out the kid in all of you. Whether it’s tying yourselves up in knots with a good game of Twister or getting competitive with the Game of Life, board games are always a fun choice for after prom. Have your friends bring their favorite board game to your house. Maybe try and stay up all night and play them all!

The Late Night Pool Party – Even if you don’t have a pool, you can still act like it’s a summer day when it’s the dark of night. If a larger pool isn’t in the cards, grab a fun, kiddie pool and let your friends hang out in them! You can get all the fixing for a pool party too – barbeque, chips, soda, and maybe some S’mores for later. Everyone can pitch in a few dollars towards the food fund and you can all get out your swimsuit, flip flops, and shades to celebrate after prom a little unconventionally.

Have any more prom 2014 after-party tips? Leave it with us in a comment below!

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Wow the Judges with White Pageant Dresses

Mar 20, 2014

White Pageant Dresses

You would have a tricky time finding someone who likes bold, bright colors more than I do. I crave coral, am head-over-heels for teal, and simply can’t get enough yellow, pink, or green. And that – that is just the beginning! At any given time I am usually wearing at least 3 statement-making colors, always certain to opt for those that complement one another. After all, I love color, not clashing! But even as someone who is drawn to the most brilliant blues and pizzazz-iest purples, I can also be stopped in my tracks by a gorgeous white gown.

Of course, wedding dresses can do this. If you’ve ever shopped for your own wedding dress or with a close friend or family member, you’ve surely gasped at least once. But the white dresses I’m talking about are a little bit different; I’m talking about white pageant dresses. And in a sea of bright colors, pastels and even black dresses, white can speak the loudest of all. offers an array of eye-catching white pageant dresses to choose from, including those from Sherri Hill, La Femme, Jovani, Toni Bowls, Johnathan Kayne pageant dresses and many more top designers! Browse our selection and see if one of our many white pageant dresses is the right fit for you and your next pageant adventure.

Johnathan Kayne Shoes: Fashionable Fierceness for Your Feet!

Mar 10, 2014

Johnathan Kayne Pageant Shoes

Whether you’re new to the pageant world, or you’ve been competing as many years as you can remember, we don’t have to remind you of the importance of details. The little things matter in everyday life as well, with the right necklace or purse instantly elevating an outfit, but they don’t matter anywhere near as much as they do for pageants! With their trained eyes and their pencils at the ready, pageant judges can take in a look from head-to-toe at a glance. They notice things most people wouldn’t, for better or for worse. And while your dress may be as dazzling and captivating as your smile, you know they aren’t going to forget about what’s on the floor! No – we aren’t talking about the tile. We’re talking about your pageant shoes. You know – the ones from Johnathan Kayne…

Let You Shimmer, Let You Shine!

We aren’t here to play favorites. We offer a variety of stunning pageant heels from Night Moves, Pink Paradox London, and others. But today we’re shining the light on one of our favorite Project Runway alums by taking a closer look at Johnathan Kayne pageant shoes. They are, in a word, fabulous! With pageant passion that goes beyond the dress, Kayne creates some of the most modern pageant heels on the market. Each pair commands attention for all the right reasons, perfectly combining glamour with a very grown-up elegance. Johnathan Kayne shoes aren’t the least bit over-the-top, but so perfectly frame a woman’s foot that they draw in the eye with the certainty of a louder shoe. In short – they’re pretty enough that they’re impossible to overlook, and quiet enough that they let your gown and your confidence do the talking. And isn’t that exactly what a pageant accessory should do? We think so!