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Spring 2014 Makeup Trends Pageantified!

Mar 31, 2014

Some gals are obsessed with shoes, some with the latest in celebrity gossip. As for me, it’s all about makeup and purses! I mean, sure, there are other things I get pretty passionate about. Fancy dresses, for one, and I’ve been known to browse puppy pictures for hours on end. But when it comes to the big seasonal announcements, such as the best makeup trends for spring 2014, that’s when I just about lose my mind with excitement. Seriously, I can’t watch the videos, read the articles, or look at the pretty pictures fast enough!

Bright Orange LipstickI was recently flipping through some articles on what’s poised for greatness in the makeup world this spring, and started thinking about how those looks work for pageants. Let’s look at a few selections from Glamour Beauty’s The Best Makeup Trends From Spring 2014 Fashion Week and see how they stack up for the stage…

Trend: Soft Berry Lips – As we all know, words like ‘soft’, ‘subtle’, and ‘muted’ can translate to ‘washed out’ once the bright lights hit. However, if you’re going for a more natural look, or really want to play up your eyes, this trend could work. Is a bold lip a must? Ignore the call for softness, but sweeten up to the idea of a rich berry!

Trend: Bright Orange Lipstick – You know, I really wish this would work for me! I ADORE orange and often gravitate toward it when buying things for my home. Orange dishes, orange candles, orange throw pillows and more. But as a lighter skinned lady with pink undertones, orange is a tricky color to pull off when it comes to clothes and makeup. That said, for many who don’t share my coloring, orange is an absolute homerun. It’s fresh, youthful, unique and eye-catching, and if it works with your skin tone and hair color, please give it a try in pageant and beyond!

Trend: Glowing Skin – Yes, yes, and a little more yes. And then throw in another yes for good measure! I am just as drawn to the look of flawless matte skin in a magazine as the next girl is, but in real life it can look flat, dry and lifeless. Dewy, fresh, glowing skin, however? That just about always looks amazing, whether you’re headed to the office, a pageant, or just want to look fabulous while you read the Sunday paper. The bonus is that it feels better and often is better for your skin as well. Since you aren’t striving for a flat matte, you can feel free to work with a super skin-satisfying moisturizer as your base. This makes it easier to smile because your skin feels nourished, and because you’ve taken all the power away from powder!

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