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Looking for a Prom Date? Here are some fun ways to ask that special someone!

Apr 11, 2014

Find some fun, creative ways to ask that special someone to be your prom date!

Find some fun, creative ways to ask that special someone to be your prom date!

Perhaps you have someone in mind that you’d like to ask to prom but are not sure how. You have your prom gown, but you’re still trying to figure out how to ask your date to go with you. First things first – get your confidence pants on, because getting the courage to ask someone to prom can be scary for some people; however it can also be a fun, unique way to show someone you care! We have some creative ways to ask the person you want to go to prom with the big question!

Send them a pizza – First of all, who doesn’t love pizza? Second of all, who doesn’t love a pizza being delivered to their house? Order a pizza from your local pizzeria and give specific directions to the delivery person to write your question on the box.   If you want to say it in a funny way, maybe try something like “I know this is cheesy, but will you go to prom with me?” You can even spell out the word “PROM?” in their favorite topping!

Balloons – There are so many ways to ask someone to prom with balloons! Tying them to their car with a little note, filling their locker with them, or have them pop a bunch of them to find the one with the card inside that asks them to go to with you are all really fun ways to ask them to prom. You can even get super creative and stuff all the balloons with notes in them, and at the end your future prom date has to solve the ultimate puzzle – you asking them to be your date!

Video – We’ve been seeing a lot of it lately, but asking your prom date to go with you through a YouTube video is sweeping the nation! If there’s a certain song that reminds you of your prom date, or even a funny sketch you’d like to perform, you can ask them literally anyway you can imagine with a video. You can film it anyway you’d like – just grab some friends, get creative, and ask away!

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