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Pretty, Powerful, Positive – Get Your Head in the Pageant Game!

Apr 16, 2014

Sherri Hill 2753 Short Pageant DressThere are certain simple truths that we can hear a million times in our lives and some of us will still be cautious of believing them. For example, that one of the sexiest things about any woman is her confidence. We almost don’t want to believe this, because sometimes we aren’t feeling all that confident. So we put on our stilettos and our shiniest lip gloss, and we try to make up for our lack of confidence with sexy accessories that enhance our assets. And you know what happens? We end up getting less compliments than we did the day we wore a baggy t-shirt but were super confident and happy!

Don’t get us wrong – we love stilettos and lip gloss! – we’re just trying to highlight that if your mind and your heart aren’t in something, all the shoes, makeup, jewelry and clothes in the world aren’t going to hide it. And sometimes, for many of us, we aren’t really ‘up for the pageant’ the day it comes. Maybe we were the whole week before, and maybe we’d be excited for it the whole week after, but that day? Nope, not feeling it! Maybe we’re fighting with our best friend, or maybe we haven’t been sleeping well. Perhaps we are coming down with a cold or are distracted by how busy we are with work or school. There are countless reasons it can be hard to get your head in the pageant game, but it’s important to overcome them before you take the stage. Because just like stilettos and lip gloss aren’t going to hide how you’re feeling on less-than-confident days, a gorgeous gown and impeccable hair aren’t going to hide that you aren’t as excited to be there as much as the other contestants are.

So what’s a girl to do? How are you supposed to put everything else out of your mind and fiercely focus on the pageant at hand? Don’t worry – we’ve got some great ideas! And we’ll be sharing them throughout the month right here. So be sure to check back all April long for tips on getting in a pageant state of mind when your mind is somewhere else!

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