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What to do with those old prom dresses

Jun 5, 2014

Find some fun and creative ways to reuse your prom 2014 gown!

Find some fun and creative ways to reuse your prom 2014 gown!

Are you looking for new, fun, and creative ways to re-use or recycle old prom dresses? Luckily – we not only have a special interest in offering the best selection of prom dresses, but we also have a bunch of different ways you can get more than one use out of your prom 2014 gown! Here are some interesting ways you can dust off that magic dress and get it glammed up for a second round!

Throw a retro themed party – Maybe your dress isn’t considered retro just yet, but you still want to throw a fun, vintage themed prom party. You can literally use any one of your old prom dresses, throw on some converse, and crimp your hair to go with an 80’s themed prom party. Even if you do have a vintage dress – it doesn’t matter what era you go with, just get creative and invite all your friends!

Save it for Halloween – Why not be a Zombie Prom Queen when you head out for Halloween that year? Halloween is one of the best holidays to dig out the stuff you don’t wear on a regular basis and turn them into an unforgettable costume. Some of our favorite costume ideas to use your old prom gown for are Retro Prom Queen, Old Hollywood Starlet, or your favorite Childhood Princess are just a few.

Create something from the fabric – This is something for those who are a little more daring and crafty with a sewing machine, but creating memory quilt from the fabric can be a great way to reuse your old prom gown. If you’re not looking to cut it up completely, getting it framed and mounted into a shadow box can be a fun way to remember your gown too.

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