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Undergarment Must-Haves for Pageants

Jun 30, 2015

You want to look flawless from your head to your toes on pageant day, and that entails perfectly styled hair, a well-fitting dress and even the proper undergarments underneath it all. You can’t just wear your typical bra and underwear under your gown, but you also want to look confident and feel comfortable while you’re on stage. Here are a few of the must-have undergarment products that will help any pageant competitor create a smooth and seamless finish on the big day.

First, a body shaper in a style that suits your formal dress is an essential for any woman. These undergarments help create a fluid look and create a flattering base beneath even the most form-fitting dresses. Items like our Boxer Body Shaper or our two-piece Boxer Panty Shaper are just two great types of undergarments that come in various styles to suit your specific needs.

Next, ensure an equally flawless look during the swimsuit competition by wearing undergarments to help cover your most sensitive areas and keep everything securely in place while on stage. Undergarment Pads for Swimsuits can be tucked discreetly into your bathing suit bottoms to prevent the crowd from seeing too much, while Self-Adhesive Invisible Silicone Nipple Covers keep your top portion looking smooth and totally covered. You’ll be able to prevent an embarrassing slip-up – or an embarrassing nip-slip – with these essential undergarment items.

For younger girls, there is a whole different set of undergarment must-haves. Children’s pageant competitors should be concerned with adding volume to formal gowns and keeping their skirts looking full. Our Children’s Hoop Slip and Regular Children’s Long Slip come in two lengths depending on her style of dress, and they’re comfortable enough that your little beauty queen won’t feel itchy or stifled on stage.

With the proper undergarments, you’ll feel ready to take on even the most competitive pageant with confidence and style.