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Trending Wedding Glam: Pageant Dresses Can Turn a Bridesmaids Dress Into a Glamorous Look

Jul 14, 2015

Many women admire the glamorous look of metallic or sequined pageant dresses, but this glitzy style isn’t reserved for just pageants. In recent years, creative brides are taking a tip from the pageant circuit and turning pageant-style dresses into bridesmaids dresses with a bit of added flair. It may seem intimidating, but by keeping the rest of your wedding simple and opting for gold or silver sparkling gowns, you can make your bridesmaids dresses really shine.

Start by taking into consideration your own wedding dress. Your ‘maids dresses should coordinate with yours, not the other way around, so choose a sparkling bridesmaids dress based on how decorated your dress is. If your dress is fairly simple but you still want to add a burst of sparkle and glamour, something elegant like a white dress with gold accents at the bodice makes a great choice for your bridesmaids. If your dress is more extravagant, you can choose something with all-over sparkles without distracting from yourself. Vienna has a great selection of dresses in classic shapes with modern embellishments your bridesmaids are sure to love.

When choosing bridesmaids dresses, you should also take into consideration that not every woman has the same body type. Pick something universally flattering, like a dress with a cinched waist and slightly flared skirt to create an hourglass figure. Mac Duggal Royalty has some great options in this style. The simple shape will also make glitzy sequins even more noticeable.

If you want to create a truly unique or bohemian look at your wedding, you can also let your bridesmaids choose dresses that are coordinating, but not exactly the same. Give them instructions to pick gowns in the same shade of cream or with silver accents against a neutral background to make sure that the dresses don’t clash. If you want your girls wearing color, choosing dresses from a single designer can ensure the colors are similar shades. Pair options like a long-sleeved dress, high-necked dress and sleeveless dress together to create a look that makes each bridesmaid stands out, but still looks perfectly put together. By choosing dresses that all have decorative sequins or beading, you can also commit to the glamorous look in a refined, understated way.