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Prom Nail Art Trends

Nov 30, 2015

As every girl knows, the perfect outfit only begins with the dress. Your hair and nails are an extension of your clothing and everything has to match. With prom season on the horizon, just what are the hottest prom nail art trends?

Today, 3D embellishments are a major must-do for nails. If you want to glam up your nails for prom, think about adding gemstones or rhinestones. You can use a metallic base color or a neutral hue that mirrors your dress, then you glam it up by adding 3D embellishments.

Gone are your mom’s nails where they were all done in the exact same color as your dress. Most nail styles today are an eclectic mix of 3-D embellishments and designs that look far from uniform. However, one thing that contemporary nails have in common with throwback styles is that they still reflect the style and feel of your dress.

You can certainly look to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. There won’t be a shortage of ideas. If you’re not sure how to do it, there’s always YouTube, where you can watch a video that shows you, step by step, how to do it yourself.

However, getting your hair and nails done really is a whole part of the prom experience. If you can, sit back and let a professional do your nails. If that isn’t something that’s in your budget, make sure that you practice doing your nails in the style that you want in the weeks leading up to the prom. You can also try nail wraps to punch up the style.

Don’t wait until the last minute if you are going to try something fancy with your nails. Practice really does make perfect even when it comes to doing your nails. Yet, if all else fails old-school always works in a pinch, but add an upgrade. Change up the style by adding a touch a sparkle.

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