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10 Prom Photos You Need to Take

Dec 20, 2015

The big day is coming, and all you can think about is getting ready for the prom. Make time to plan for these 10 must-take photos, too.

1. The Try-On Shot

Tell a story with your prom photos, beginning with trying on dresses. Plus, this is a smart way to capture a photo in that dress you liked before you chose the one you will wear to the prom. Now you have photos of you in both dresses.

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2. The BFF Shot

Take that best friend photo before the prom, when you are both relaxed and have practiced your favorite poses. Take several to allow each of you to pick a favorite.

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3. The Accessories Photo

Get close-ups of those special shoes, handbag and prom jewelry. You want to remember every detail of your prom.

4. The ‘Before’ Shot

Take a photo of yourself and your date before the day of the prom. It will be fun to compare casual pictures to your dress-up photos. Plus, this is your opportunity to practice poses for the prom day pictures.

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5. Relatively Speaking

Don’t forget those all-important pictures with mom, dad, siblings and even grandparents, favorite aunts, uncles and cousins. This is a big event for them, too.

6. Just For You

Traditional prom photos include dates or whoever else is escorting you. Also have photos taken of just you for your keepsake book and social media. You can show off the full effect of your dress and experiment with sitting or standing in front of pretty backdrops inside or outside.

7. That Sunset Shot

Often, people think prom photos during the day or at night. The light just before sunset offers the kind of soft lighting that creates attractive photos. Time an outside photo session just before you leave for the night’s prom activities or just before dusk a day or two before.

8. Entrance Photos

Remember: you’re telling a story. Pose for a picture at the entrance of the prom’s location to tell the story of your arrival. Plus, you’ll look fresh and excited, having just arrived.

9. Lights. Camera. Action.

Don’t just rely on that formal pose for prom photos inside the door. Look for places in the room with soft lighting and a pretty backdrop for a planned action photo.

10. About That Posed Photo

What looks corny to you now will be enjoyed later as a memorable photo in front of the set-up prom staging area where everyone gets a prom picture taken. Plus, it will be fun to later compare your photos to photos of your friends taken at the same spot.

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