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How Should My Prom Dress Fit

Dec 5, 2016

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to prom, but priority number one is choosing your prom dress. To ensure you get the perfect fit on prom night, keep these tips mind:

Dress for Your Body Type

Everyone fits into a certain body type category, which means not all dresses and cuts are going to fit your body correctly. To dress for your body, you’ll first need to determine what type of body you have. Apple shapes carry most of their weight in the mid-section, pear shapes carry their weight in the bottom half of their bodies and hourglass shapes curve in and out like an hourglass. Other types include straight and petite. Research dress styles that suit your body type before you even begin to look at dresses. Also, check out the Dressprom Fashion Guide to see the most popular dresses from great designers to help you chose the perfect fit for prom.

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Take Accurate Measurements

When you’re buying your dress online you won’t have the opportunity to try the dress on before you order. The best way to make sure the dress your order will fit you correctly is to have accurate measurements of your body. Have someone take your measurements and keep them handy while you browse. You can take your measurements yourself, but having someone else do it for you will yield more accurate results. Use a tailor’s measuring tape for this (the soft, fabric kind). Dressprom offers a great prom dress measuring video that will help you take the perfect measurements every time!

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Bigger Is Better

When in doubt, always size up. Taking a dress in is always much easier than adding fabric to a dress. On that note, avoid buying a smaller dress with the intention of losing weight in time for prom. You can’t predicted how quickly you’ll lose weight, or even if you’ll lose any weight at all. If you do shed a few pounds, the dress can always be taken in.

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Creating a Smooth Profile

Depending on the fabrics used to make your dress and the silhouette it creates, you may be left with a few bumps and creases in your profile that don’t look quite right. Shapewear can be an excellent tool for smoothing out these bumps and creating a much nicer silhouette.

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