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The Importance of Purchasing Your Prom Dress Now

Feb 28, 2017

The new year means that new styles are hitting stores. And that means new prom and formal dresses. You know your prom is approaching, and it isn’t too soon to start thinking about your perfect dress. If you find what you like, snatch it up now before it’s too late.

You might feel like the end of the school year is far away, and that you have plenty of time. This may be true, but that doesn’t mean shopping for a prom dress is something you should put off until closer to the date of your formal event. While new styles are in, now is the time to pounce. If you wait, your selection will be more limited. You might like the two-piece styles, or maybe you like a shorter skirt with a flowing overskirt. To get the style you want, shop early, shop now.

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Another benefit to getting your dress early is allowing yourself time to accessorize. You can find the perfect shoes, which we also offer. You can also find the jewelry, purse and other accessories you want to make your evening special.

It’s not important to wait until you have a date to prom to start looking for a dress. If you plan to go to prom, the details will fall into place. Coordinating your dress color with his accessories and corsage is that much easier if you already have a dress. You will have the color ready so that your date can arrange for his tuxedo or other attire. As your formal approaches, you may have other things on your mind, such as final exams, college planning and your summer plans. Finding your dress early and matching it with your accessories well in advance helps clear your time so you can concentrate on those other important events.

You can still share the experience with your friends. Set up time to get together to shop at online together. Find dresses you and your friends like, and critique styles. You can have that experience, even if the leaves aren’t yet starting to show on the trees. Top Prom Vendor

Feb 23, 2017

Top Prom Websites identifies online retailers that sell authentic, high-quality prom dresses, and also points out sites that sell counterfeit or lesser-quality dresses. We feel strongly about only selling high-quality, designer prom dresses and formalwear. Logo Logo

It is because our goals are aligned with Top Prom Websites that we are so honored to not only be listed among the approved sites, but also to be listed on the “Hot List” on the site. Approval from Top Prom Websites means that we are recognized for selling only authentic, name brand dresses and accessories. At we believe it is important to be an authorized retailer of every brand we carry, and TPW makes a point of identifying online retailers who conform to those standards. The listing site has a rigorous criteria of checking Websites before they are approved. The site looks at photos of the dresses offered on its site, and verifying that the site is an authorized retailer for each designer listed. This process is done manually, by real, knowledgeable people, and not through an automated process.


We also appreciate that the same process is applied to identifying less reputable Websites, and listing those so that consumers can avoid those sites. We want every prom dress shopping experience to be a good one, whether shopping in our store or elsewhere in person or online. TPW helps ensure that all online experiences are positive, and we are so happy that our hard work and high standards in offering the best prom and formal dresses has been recognized. Please know that we follow all the criteria, not just to be included on the TPW approved sites list, but also because we believe in the level of service that TPW and you, as our customer, expects.