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Featured Designer: Blush Prom

Mar 30, 2017

Blush Prom is one of the biggest names in prom dress design and for very good reason. The longtime favorite brand consistently stays ahead of the trend when it comes to prom dresses and formalwear for young women and it even offers styles that are right on par with what your favorite celebrities are wearing. Blush Prom prides itself on offering high quality, well-made prom dresses for affordable prices, so it’s also the perfect brand for budget-conscious fashionistas. You’ll find trendy styles like mermaid gowns and trumpet skirts, as well as the always-popular two-piece style that shows just a bit of midriff. Glamorous beadwork and embroidered details decorate many of Blush Prom’s dresses, but you’ll also find options with ruffled hemlines and dramatic plunging necklines if you’re looking to create some interest without the use of sequins and sparkles. If you’re looking for a trendy prom dress without the high-fashion prices, check out Blush Prom.


Featured Designer: Alyce Paris

Mar 24, 2017

Alyce Paris is one of our favorite prom dress designers here at DressProm and we think the brand will soon become one of your favorites, too. If you’re searching for a trend-setting dress with a truly glam feel, you’ll love Alyce Paris’s latest designs. Alyce Hamm, the Chicago-based designer behind the line, moved to the United States from Paris back in 1955 and has been creating Parisian-influenced couture styles for young women ever since. Today, Alyce Paris is known for its floor-length gowns featuring intricate beading, bursts of sequins and glamorous jewel tones, as well as two-piece gowns that bare just a bit of belly. This season, you’ll also find dresses featuring high necklines and choker-style details that are perfectly on trend. If your taste in prom dresses is more glamorous and high-fashion than most, you’ll love Alyce Paris.



Slim vs. Poofy Formal Dresses Compared

Mar 8, 2017

There are only a few times in your life when you get to go all out in choosing a dress. Your prom or formal is one such occasion. While we say this is your opportunity to go all out, it is still up to you to match your style, whether it is a simple, figure flattering dress or a poofy number with fun details.

sherri hill elegant slim prom dresssherri hill pink poofy prom dress

You might want to start with your personality, and activity. Are you bold? Do you like to stand out from everyone else in the room? Or will an eye-catching dress make you feel uncomfortable from all the attention? You might also want to consider what you plan to do in the dress. If you are going to be in a limo with a bunch of friends, consider how a dress with a big skirt will be sitting close together with your prom date and friends, and getting in and out of the limo. You also want to be sure you can move in the dress if you want to dance to every song until the DJ calls it quits for the night. The same goes for any after party or activities.

A simple dress is easy to put on and you don’t have to worry about adjusting all night. A dress with a larger skirt and other details might need to be fluffed or smoothed every time you get up or sit down. Those larger dresses can be fun, though, just be prepared for a bit of a fussy dress, and give yourself a once over before saying cheese.

Check out our post on choosing a dress for your body type for more tips on finding the dress that works with your figure. Also know that you have more options if you buy your dress early. As it gets closer to your prom, more styles will sell out.

Remember that this is a night you will always remember, and your dress is a big part of that experience. Consider all the styles out there, and find something you are comfortable with, and happy with. There are more styles and designs available than ever before, and you can find a dress that is really unique that you can enjoy wearing.

Figure Flattering Prom Dress Tips

Mar 3, 2017

The style of dress you choose can do wonders for your figure. A few design features can help obscure or accentuate your features if you plan well. Before you plunge into a plunging neckline number, or pick out a two-piece stunner, keep reading to help you find out how to pick a gown that suits you and your body type.

Beat the Bust

This is one area you want to pay attention to, whether you want to look bigger or smaller. Here are a few tips to address both issues.

If you have a larger bust you want to play down, try choosing a dress that focuses on your lower half. A floral skirt or tulle skirt can draw the eyes down. You still want to address support issues, especially if you plan to dance most of the night. There are plenty of styles that are bra-friendly. Wider straps and a higher back allow you to wear a supportive bra that you feel comfortable with. Of course there are other options if you want to go strapless. Try a corset-style dress with boning and built in structure in the bodice. Silk illusion dresses with sheer sleeves, or layers of silk and organza help add support, hide bra straps, and are very on trend.

blush prom plunging neckline green prom dress

If you want to play up your bust line, or make it appear larger, choose styles with stripes, patterns or other design features that point to the chest. A heart-shaped neckline can also accentuate your features. You can also be daring and go with a plunging neckline to draw all eyes.

Slim Your Figure

A dress’ design can make or break a full figure. Try dresses that emphasize your waistline with an embellishment that divides the top from the skirt. Large details such as a peplum style, patterns and sometimes bows can obscure a waistline. Ruching can also be very forgiving. The fabric beneath is likely to provide some elastic support, and the rippling fabric helps smooth the body.

la femme black peplum style prom dress

Appear Taller

A pair of heels and good posture will go a long way. However there are a few dress styles that can help give the illusion of height. Long, straight lines such as a high empire waist create a longer bottom that goes on forever. If you choose a short dress, avoid the strappy heel. If you wear a shoe that doesn’t cut your legs off at the ankle your legs will appear longer. You can also try a two-piece dress, or a dress that has different fabrics and textures on the top and bottom, or a ball gown with a fitted top and flowy skirt that won’t overpower your shorter frame.

blush prom two-piece floral prom dress