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Choose a Special Dress for Graduation

Jun 12, 2017

Graduation is a formal occasion and calls for a fancy dress to walk down the aisle, even if it is covered by a cap and gown. That gown might be somewhat shapeless, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear something special underneath, to reveal after the ceremony.

This is your opportunity to go as simple or as fancy as you want. You might not decide on something quite as formal as a prom gown, but this is still a celebration worth dressing up for. First, determine a few factors such as whether the graduation takes place during the day or in the evening, and what dinners or parties will you attend after graduation?


Going to a formal event? Dress up in a sweet little number that will stun the whole class when you take off the wraps – the cap and gown. Choose a color that flatters you, but also one that coordinates with your school colors if your gown is not your basic black. This helps so if the dress peaks through, there is no garish clash. Also keep in mind that if you choose a full skirt or maxi skirt, it will show below the gown. If you plan to go to a party afterwards, choose a dress or gown that fits the party more than the graduation. This is when your dress will get the most visibility, and you will enjoy showing off your ensemble.

Accessorize your graduation dress as you would any other dress. Choose shoes and jewelry to match the dress. Don’t forget to think about your hair. Do you want to pin it up so the graduation cap doesn’t ruin your hair style? Look for hair accessories that will give you the look you want. Buy a small purse or evening bag to tote along with all your belongings, so you can freshen up your makeup, and pull out your phone to take a selfie of the occasion.may-7

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