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Where to Wear Short Dresses

Jul 16, 2017

While you love wearing short dresses on casual days, you may not be quite sure how to wear a short dress to a formal occasion like prom or homecoming. Luckily, dresses are our expertise here at, and we have you covered with a variety of designer short dresses to wear for just about any occasion. Here’s exactly where (and how!) you can wear our short cocktail dresses.


  • Homecoming. Because most schools think of homecoming as a less formal dance, it’s super fun and easy to wear a short, sassy dress to this type of dance. You’ll still want to keep things chic and elegant, however, so choose a two-piece tiered dress that’s totally ahead of the trends, ( or a form-fitting cocktail dress covered in ornate beading (
  • Prom. Who says you can’t wear a short dress to the prom? If you’re the kind of girl who loves standing out in a crowd, show off your legs in a flirty dress with a shorter hemline. To avoid looking too casual or too plain, you’ll want to choose a dress with lots of details, like a bodycon short gown with sheer illusion panels and glittering gold embroidery ( Pair it with the perfect sky high heels, a fabulous hairstyle and even a floor-length coat for a glam look.
  • A wedding. If you’re going to be dancing all night at a wedding, you’ll want to have a dress that allows you to really move. carries all kinds of short, formal dresses that are ideal for any wedding guest. Choose a chiffon cocktail dress with a sweet halter top that’s pretty and versatile, (, or go for something like a sweetheart A-line frock with some serious retro vibes (
  • A date. Going on a date somewhere a bit fancier? Dress to impress in a short dress from A flirty V-neck cocktail dress in a basic black ( is the perfect Little Black Dress for dinner, dancing or even a night at a concert.
  • Our favorite DIY Beauty Tricks of 2013

    Dec 11, 2013

    Find out which of our DIY Beauty tricks were our favorites in 2013!

    Find out which of our DIY Beauty tricks were our favorites in 2013!

    Not only was 2013 a great year for prom dresses, but it was also a great year of us discovering some of the best DIY beauty tricks! Here’s some of our favorite recipes that can save you from having dry skin, hair, or even better – spending the big bucks on having someone else fix them for you!

    DIY Makeup Remover wipes – We know what it’s like to spending a $5-10 each week on buying beauty wipes, so why not make your own? We found this awesome recipe on how to get the most bang for your buck with DIY Makeup Remover wipes! You can find the recipe here from our blog in October.

    DIY Deep-Conditioning Hair mask – We love to treat ourselves once in a while, and this fun, DIY Deep-Conditioning mask for your hair is perfect for when you want to indulge! Plus – it’s the perfect pre-pageant or pre-homecoming beauty treatment!

    Avocado Dry Skin Face Mask – Not only are they tasty on sandwiches, in guacamole, and in other foods, but Avocados are great for your skin too! We found this awesome DIY facemask with avocado and honey so that you can have a special glow for whatever event you’re going to!

    DIY Dry Shampoo Spray – We all have a day where our hair is a bit greasier than we’d like it to be. We found a great recipe for Dry Shampoo spray, while will take care of any extra shine your hair is putting on. You can find the recipe for it here!

    Want to see more of our prom dresses or DIY beauty tricks? Head over to!

    Ring in 2014 with One of These Adorable Holiday Cocktail Dresses

    Dec 3, 2013

    Check out some of our favorite holiday cocktail dresses to ring in 2014 with!

    Check out some of our favorite holiday cocktail dresses to ring in 2014 with!

    With 2014 on its way in, why not wear one of the cutest, most adorable holiday cocktail dresses to your NYE party? At – we love glitz and glamour, and these beautiful cocktail dresses are just that! What better way to start off 2014 than with one of these four dresses?

    Spectacular Tulle Short Prom Dress by Sticks & Stones (9266) – In Bronze, Fuchsia, Purple, or Turquoise, you can show up to that New Year’s Eve party is a shimmering, fun way! With a sweetheart neckline and tulle skirt, this fun little number will have all eyes on your – instead of the NYE ball when it drops!

    Stretch Multi-Color Sequin V-Neck by Tony Bowls (TS11359) – There’s something about a V-neck dress on NYE, and we think that something is for the girl who’ll steal the show! When you put on this multi-colored cocktail dress at your holiday party, you might want to start a line, because everyone will be lining up for a midnight kiss from you!

    High Neck Sleeveless Short Prom Dress by Jovani (9535) – If there’s one thing that we’re sure of, it’s that in 2014 sheer dresses will be the most sought-after style! This bejeweled holiday dress by Jovani can be the showstopper of your NYE party!

    Short Matte Charmeuse by Faviana Dress (S7038) – Classic but still stunning, this beautiful black holiday cocktail dress is a perfect addition to any NYE- loving girl’s wardrobe! Be prepared to be the center of attention when you wear this Faviana dress to ring in 2014!

    Want to see more of our holiday cocktail dresses? Visit us today at for the best selection in short, strikingly beautiful cocktail dresses!

    Be the Belle of the Ball with These 5 Beauty Must-Haves

    Nov 22, 2013

    Grab these 5 beauty must-haves before heading to your holiday party this season!

    Grab these 5 beauty must-haves before heading to your holiday party this season!

    So what are you toting along with you when you head to your holiday ball this winter? Besides picking out one of our adorable holiday cocktail dresses, has some awesome must-have beauty items to keep stashed away in your wristlet so you can “Jingle Bell Rock” all night long!

    1. Alcohol-free chapstick: Keep your lips moist with chapstick that doesn’t have alcohol in it. Alcohol ingredients can dry out your smackers even more than they already are!
    2. Band Aides: It is pretty common for us girls to bring shoes along with us to an event that are a bit uncomfortable. Stash at least two band aides in your wristlet in case a dreaded blister forms on your foot from all that dancing!
    3. Pressed-powder compact: Makeup isn’t made to last forever, gals; it’s an unfortunate truth that we all know too well. Keep some pressed-powder in your handbag during the night so you can make touch-up’s as needed, or zap an oily spot on your skin in no time flat!
    4. Makeup Wipe: If you don’t want to bring your whole package, stuff a few makeup wipes in a plastic bag. A smoky eye can turn into a raccoon eye quick, so save yourself with a face wipe.
    5. Shea butter lotion: Grab a travel-size of one of these light-weight lotions for your small handbag. Not only can it save your hands from being cracked, but it can smooth flyaway’s quick when you’re on the go!

    Have anything more to add to our beauty must-have list? Share it with us in a comment below!

    Want to see the rest of our stylish holiday cocktail dresses? Head over to today!

    DIY Deep Conditioning Mask: Have Great Hair and a Cocktail Dress for your Holiday Party

    Nov 8, 2013

    Treat yourself to a cocktail dress and this DIY Deep Conditioning hair mask for the holidays!

    Treat yourself to a cocktail dress and this DIY Deep Conditioning hair mask for the holidays!

    During the winter months, your hair can take a beating from the cold temperatures and static electricity. Treat it to something really nice before you head out to your holiday party with our DIY Deep Conditioning Mask! Plus – you can also treat yourself to one of our adorable cocktail dresses so your whole look is glam from head to toe!

    DIY Deep Conditioning Mask


    • 1 Tbsp. Organic Coconut Oil
    • 1 Tbsp. Organic Honey
    • 1 Large Egg
    • ½ of an Avocado, pitted


    Heat the 1 tbsp. of Organic Coconut oil until it is liquid. Make sure it isn’t scalding when you take it off of the stove or out of the microwave, because it does hold its heat for a while – and you don’t want to scramble the egg when you add it in. Once the coconut oil cools but is still a liquid, add in your honey and avocado. Mix these ingredients until they are smooth and well-blended, and then add in your egg. Once the mixture is fully combined, you can start applying it to your damp hair. Start by adding the mask from your roots and gently combing it through to your ends. If you have enough of the mask leftover, you can apply a little more to the ends since they take the brunt of the damage done to your hair. Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. If you’d like to intensify the treatment, cover your hair in plastic cling wrap with the mask still on and blow dry for 5 minutes. When your time is up, rinse your hair thoroughly.

    Get the Best Look for Homecoming 2013 with these Fall Makeup Trends

    Jul 12, 2013

    Get these hot makeup trends for your fall homecoming 2013!

    Get these hot makeup trends for your fall homecoming 2013!

    Heading back to school for the fall can be a drag when you know you’re headed back to the classroom. However, heading back to school means also means fun school things like football games, pep rallies, and homecoming 2013! We want you to look the best for your homecoming this year, and that’s why we have the best homecoming dresses for you to choose from! In addition, we have some great fall makeup trends for you to test drive before the big dance so that you look great all over!

    Cat-eyes: This vintage trend is coming up on runways throughout the world! This Cleopatra-esq eye design has celebrities sporting it when they head out to awards shows, out for an A-List party, or just showing up to glamorous events. This fabulous makeup trend looks great on just about everyone, as well as being a great look for you in your homecoming dress this fall!

    Red/pink eye makeup: Metallic, beautiful and eye-popping, this fun fall makeup trend is something that is all over the runways this summer. With the tree’s changing and the air cooling down, this beautiful makeup trend blends in with the most beautiful colors of fall. Plus, red or pink eye shadow will have all eyes on your for your homecoming!

    Petal-stained lips: Unique and seen on many different models during Fashion Week, this fun, beautiful lipstick trend looks just how it sounds: like a flower petal! A fading effect from the outside of the lips, getting darker to the center makes for a beautiful, eye-catching and artistic look. Feminine and chic, this makeup trend will highlight your face for homecoming, while looking almost effortlessly beautiful!

    So grab your dress and get these makeup trends ready for homecoming 2013 because we know that you will be the thing that everyone can’t stop talking about!

    Fall Homecoming Dress Trends: What the Pantone Color Report has to Say for Fall 2013

    Jul 5, 2013

    Check out our hottest Fall homecoming dress trends for 2013!

    Check out our hottest Fall homecoming dress trends for 2013!

    Summer is coming to an end and that means one thing: back to school! We know it can be a bummer to look forward to, but just think: back to school means homecoming too, right? Fall homecoming dress trends are heating up, and the Pantone Fashion color report for Fall 2013 is released! Want to know what their picks are for some sizzling fall colors? We’ve picked out some of our favorites so you can show up to homecoming in style and ready for fall!

    Emerald: This beautiful, green tone is hitting the fashion scene by storm! There’s nothing quite like the colors of fall, offset with a beautiful, rich, gem-toned emerald green. Plus, our Sherri Hill Top Short Bejeweled Cocktail Dress is this lovely shade of green, with added bonus: sparkles!

    Vivacious (Purple/Pink): This unique color even has a name of its own! A mix between purple and pink, this beautiful fall hue has all the designers wanting more of it on their clothing. This vibrant and “vivacious” color is seen all throughout our homecoming 2013 dresses, including our Sweetheart Night Moves cocktail dress! It’s definitely a color we’re excited to see more of this fall!

    Koi (Orange): Many say this color reflects the fall season the best, and we agree! This beautiful color is a delightfully seasonal shade that taking over runways all across the globe. Ferociously coming back into style for the fall season, Koi finds its way into our collections by making an appearance in our fall homecoming dresses! Our Le Femme Classy A-Line Cocktail Gown with a chiffon skirt makes this color look fierce and ready for cooler weather!

    Want to see more of our fall homecoming dress trends? Visit us today at for the most stylish and glamorous cocktail dresses!

    Sweet Sixteen Dresses? More like Fierce Sixteen Dresses!

    May 10, 2013

    Turning 16 only happens once in your life, so why not do it the way you want to? has the most fashionable, fierce and fearless sweet sixteen dresses for any diva! Want to know which dress (or dresses) you should rock for your themed, big birthday bash? has them!

    Vegas themed: Turn 16 the best way you know how—with a theme as big as your personality! A Vegas themed sweet sixteen calls for bright, colorful, and flashy dresses. Check out our Sparkling Mermaid Gown by Allure in Fuchsia, which reminds us of something a Vegas socialite would sport on her special night out!

    Rock star themed: Rock out the best way you know how and celebrate 16 years on this planet with a rock star themed sweet sixteen! Getting glammed up and ready for the finer things in life should be your top priority on your special day, so your dress shouldn’t be anything less than that! Our Strapless Cocktail dress with Colorful stones at the Bodice, by Sherri Hill, will definitely bring out your inner-rock star during your party!

    Masquerade themed: Channel a different era for your 16th birthday bash with a masquerade themed party!  With all the fun masks and creative decorations at your party, you’re going to need a dress that plays the part too. How about our Playful Corkscrew Formal Dress by Sherri Hill for you party? It has everything you need for your true personality to be unmasked!

    Looking for more sweet sixteen dresses to outfit your big bash with? Check out our selection today at!

    Celebrate your sweet sixteen with some of these fierce dresses that will fit into any theme!

    Celebrate your sweet sixteen with some of these fierce dresses that will fit into any theme!

    Choosing The Perfect Dress For Holiday Parties

    Dec 19, 2011

    With Christmas fast approaching, and New Year’s Day directly afterwards, you’re bound to be invited to parties and other events – don’t refuse an invitation because you don’t know what to wear! Accept the invitation, and dress to impress with these helpful holiday dress ideas!asymmetrical dress

    • Cocktail dresses have always been “in,” but wearing an asymmetrical dress with one shoulder in a neutral color will make you stand out in a sea of green and red.
    • Channel your inner Santa with a deep scarlet shade dress – make this dress pop by choosing one with an embellished neckline or a sparkled skirt.
    • Wear a silver sequined shrug or cardigan over your favorite little black dress. If you want to stand out, ditch the silver sequins and choose a bright color like green or red.
    • An off the shoulder dress gives you a sexy air of elegance.
    • Feel luxurious as you show off your curves in a satin dress. There’s something about satin that makes a woman feel amazing.
    • Velvet is another material that can transform you as soon as you put it on. Think a dark red, thigh length dress made of velvet.
    • A sparkled dress can take you from looking like a plain Jane to being the glamorous fashionable icon in the center of the dance floor.
    • Don’t settle for any color green, choose a teal or emerald green dress and you’ll be the belle of the holiday ball.
    • Twirl around the dance floor in a dress decorated with ruffles, ribbons, bows or lace. Just make sure you don’t choose a dress with all four!

    You can find these and many other hot holiday dresses at Happy holidays from!

    Valentine’s Day Dance Ideas

    Jan 12, 2011

    Ruffles and hearts for Valentine's Day

    Ruffles and hearts for Valentine's Day

    Now that we’re into the New Year, it’s time to start planning those Valentine’s Day dances!  Many of the short cocktail dresses here at Dress Prom are perfect for the laid back and romantic atmosphere of a Valentine’s Day dance.  Here are a few tips for making the most of this season of love!  We’re sure many of you are involved in your school’s planning committee or student council—so bring these ideas to the next meeting!

    If you choose a traditionally themed Valentine’s Day dance, make sure you get the right décor.  It’s all about building the right ambiance to set the mood.  The color palette, of course, will be red, pink, and white.  Make sure you include some roses, too!

    Hang hearts on the wall.  You can also include some red and pink streamers.  Have balloons in your chosen colors, like balloon clusters or a balloon archway at the entrance to the dance hall.

    Before you make any decisions, you need to have a firm theme in mind.  For instance, a theme idea might be a “Singles’ Valentine’s Day Dance.”  A dance like that would encourage mingling and meeting new people.

    No matter what your Valentine’s Day dance entails, you can find the right attire here at Dress Prom.  We’ve got the gorgeous pink and red cocktail dresses you need to make a real splash!