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2017 Trendy Prom Style: Rompers

Jan 18, 2017

So, you’ve been asked to the prom. Of course, you said yes. You’re excited, but there’s one major fly in the ointment. You hate dresses. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Plenty of gals shutter at the thought of putting on a ball gown all layered up with tulle or lace. If that’s your style, wear it well. However, for many gals, dresses just aren’t all that alluring, especially fancy ones. Well, for ladies that dare to be different and say no to the dress, here is the hottest prom trend for 2017; the romper.

Royal Blue Prom Romper 2017 by Rachel Allan

Yes, you’ve seen it on the runway. You already own a couple of comfy, casual rompers. Celebs are wearing them to major red carpet events. It’s not surprising that the romper will be a popular pick for the upcoming prom season. Of course, it is prom, so prom rompers will offer an elegant style and glam that is all their own, giving you a lot of options when it comes to your prom outfit.

When picking a romper to wear to a prom, you can go a couple of different ways. First off, pick a romper with sequins, beads or another type of sophisticated accent that takes the romper style to the next level. Another choice is a romper with a chiffon overlay. The draping long skirt over the romper brings the two styles together and is a nice compromise if mom insists on the dress. Going with a pretty floral pattern is also a top pick for formal rompers that will rock. Metallic is another way to go. If you’re going with a simple black romper, then amp it up with your accessories.

Black Floral Prom Romper 2017 from Rachel Allan

If you are dead set against wearing a fancy dress, then don’t. You will feel more confident and comfortable if you are wearing an outfit that expresses your personal style. Don’t be pushed into the dress if you prefer going for formal wear that is off the beaten path. Thankfully, styles change with the times and you will have a lot of options outside of the traditional for 2017. Just take a peek at the hottest prom rompers for 2017. You will be pleasantly surprised and mom might be too though it might take her a while to warm to the romper.

Bright Floral Prints for Prom

Oct 4, 2016

Floral Prints for Prom

Floral prints are a timeless design that will not disappoint. Now, there is a difference between timeless and dated. Timeless is forever. Years from now when you are looking through all your prom pics there is one thing that will standout: your dress. When you go with a stunning floral print, you will never have to worry about cringing with embarrassment when it is time to reminisce.

Push aside thoughts of Grandma’s curtains and imagine gorgeous floral prints and appliques in vibrant colors and luxurious fabrics. Yes, that’s fabrics, as in more than one. Satin, tulles, jersey, lace, and neoprene are a few of the fabrics floral dresses are crafted from.

With floral prints there are a few different categories these dresses fall into. Each one has its own special allure that will appeal to different personality types. You will get everything from strong and statuesque to sweet and feminine. Here are few styles to consider:


Dramatic and Dark

Glide onto the dance floor drenched in mystery with dark floral prints. Dark floral prints over a deep red is one way to go—especially if becoming one with the night is on your mind.

The classic black and white combo is another fantastic dramatically dark option. A tulle overlay and the plunging sweetheart neckline softens the whole look.

Short and Sweet

Short floral printed dresses and short floral rhinestone dresses are the fun and flirty option. They have a higher hem that is perfect for dancing and showing off cute shoes. Going with floral gems, you have the extra fun of sparkling with every twirl.

Roses Are Forever

Roses are a classic symbol of beauty and elegance. Be a beacon for romance in a red rose floral print or brighten things up with the essence of spring with light pink roses and sweet meadow flowers.

Floral Appliques and Embellishment

Maybe prints aren’t bold enough for your evening look. Floral appliques add texture to a two dimensional design. For a softer, pretty in pink look, tulle flowers with gem stone centers will do the trick. For beauty queens in the making a lemon and ivory gown with yellow gem stones and black lace flower appliques should peak your interest.