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DressProm Layaway Program

Apr 4, 2017

Prom budget blues getting you down? No worries! With the DressProm Layaway Program, you can put your dream dress on hold and pay for it in installments over a 90-day period, allowing you more time to pay for your dress without risking losing your dress of choice.

Unlike some dress stores, DressProm’s Layaway Program is available on any dress in our inventory including prom dresses! This includes brand name dresses from designers like Alyce Paris, Blush Prom and Madison James, as well as quinceanera dresses, homecoming dresses and even tuxedos for women. Layaway is even available for out-of-stock, special order dresses, so you can purchase your dream dress without worrying about it coming back into stock!


In order to take advantage of the Layaway Program, all you have to do is put down a one-time initial deposit of 60% of the dress price. Then, the dress will be put on hold for up to 90 days, allowing you to make payments whenever you like. DressProm offers payment plans for as low as $50 every month, or bi-weekly payments of larger payments if you prefer to pay your dress off faster. No matter how you choose to pay for it, DressProm’s DressProm Layaway Program enables every girl to get her dream prom dress, no matter what her budget may be.

If you want to learn more about the DressProm Layaway Program or want to find out how to put a dress on layaway today, contact one of our friendly customer service staff members. They will help you to pick the perfect layaway plan for your budget, as well as place any special orders on out-of-stock prom dresses. Once you find the dress of your dreams, give a DressProm associate a call at 864-263-4371!

Homecoming Regality – How to Dress for the Homecoming Court

Aug 22, 2016

So you’ve been picked for homecoming court: congratulations! Now the question is, what do you wear? Whether you need a homecoming court outfit for the pre-homecoming festivities, such as the homecoming game promenade, or are looking for your dream homecoming court gown for the big night, DressProm has all the most glamorous numbers around. Your homecoming weekend outfit should represent your big personality and perhaps pay tribute to the regal traditions of the queen’s court or your school colors.

For the Homecoming Game

If your school’s traditions require the court to appear on the field at the homecoming game, you’ll need a special outfit for the occasion. Unlike your homecoming gown, this outfit can be on the casual side, but you’ll still want to be semi-dressed up. We love the idea of showing your school spirit with a prideful style done in your team colors. Court members are often asked to wear boutonnieres or corsages, so make sure you account for that when picking a dress.

For the Homecoming Dance

If you’ve been selected for homecoming court, you’re probably feeling the pressure of finding that picture-perfect gown. We always recommend court members wear something seriously show-stopping — after all, the whole school’s going to be looking at you! Channel your inner queen before the big announcement with a ball gown homecoming dress and you’ll feel like a 21st century Cinderella. We adore Blush’s line of two-piece homecoming gowns for the season, like the spectacular Two-Piece Blush Ball Gown!

aUGUST - 5August - 6

If you’d like to show your edgy side without compromising the classic princess look, you can always opt for a cupcake homecoming gown with a short, flirty skirt that will have you twirling all over the dance floor. To channel your inner royalty and pay tribute to the fall and winter homecoming season traditions, consider a dark-colored homecoming dress in maroon, navy or gold. No matter which style you choose, you can’t go wrong when you complete the look with a dazzling tiara.
August - 7

Capped-Sleeved Dresses Perfect for Homecoming

Aug 19, 2016

Make homecoming night memorable in an eye-catching capped-sleeve homecoming dress. We get it — you’re all about keeping things elegant-yet-casual. Cap-sleeved dresses featured super short sleeves that are perfect for showing off your upper arms! They also typically feature a higher neckline for serious top-half intrigue. This year’s homecoming trends are all about sheer fabrics and illusion, and there’s no better complement to these hot styles than a pair of cute capped sleeves. These gowns are appropriate for all body types and personal preferences, from Hollywood-glam to princess-posh. Here are a few of our favorite capped-sleeved homecoming dresses this year:

  • Hanna S Capped-Sleeved Gown — Fun and flirty homecoming-goers will adore this glitzy homecoming dress by Hanna S. Featuring a beaded sheath neckline and bodice, this short homecoming dress is finished with flirty capped sleeves. This sweet style comes in cherry, royal and mint green to suit every personality and skin tone.

    August - 1

  • Mac Duggal Ruched Chiffon Gown — Go classic Cinderella with this long homecoming prom gown dripping with dazzling details. The capped sleeves on this number aren’t your standard caps: they’re slimmer and more sophisticated for a steal-the-show style. Elaborate beading throughout the bodice, sweetheart neckline and sleeves make this gown glamorous.

    August - 2

  • Blush Two-Piece Homecoming Dress — Show a little midriff with this chic two-piece formal gown by Blush. It features sparkly beading throughout the bodice, capped sleeves and a fit-and-flare skirt that highlights your best features. It’s available in sunny yellow and sweet pink, so it’s ideal for the big-personality dance-goer.
    August - 3
  • Blush Lace Homecoming Dress — If you’re going for sophisticated-glam on homecoming night and want to feel like you’re rocking the red carpet, this black capped-sleeve homecoming gown by Blush is ideal. It features all-over lace, a V neckline and capped sleeves with slight beading. An absolute must-wear in our book!
    August - 4

From Prom Dresses to Eyeliner: What You Need to Know About Beauty

Jan 24, 2014

Snag these easy beauty tips to lighten your purse when you head out prom dress shopping!

Snag these easy beauty tips to lighten your purse when you head out prom dress shopping!

What do you pack in your purse for beauty purposes throughout the day? The average woman’s purse is close to 30 lbs. – yes, that much – but is it all necessary? We have some tips to help you cut down on all the beauty products you carry around in your purse! So when you’re shopping for prom dresses or just having a day out on the town, you can enjoy it without carrying around all that weight.

  • To prevent smudging your eyeliner throughout the day, blot your eyelids with an oil-removing tissue before applying eye makeup.
  • If you do smudge your eyeliner or mascara under your eye, dab a non-medicated chapstick underneath the eye and the makeup should come off with a tissue.
  • Having a static problem with your hair – or even worse – your skirt? Use a small amount of lotion (preferably ones with no dye involved) on either the outside of your legs/tights, or ends of your hair. The moisture will help nip static electricity in the bud!
  • Use a SPF moisturizer before you put on your makeup in the morning, even if it’s winter.
  • Make sure you check the labels of your chapstick before you buy them – some of the most popular brands contain alcohol, which dry out your lips.
  • Broke your favorite eye shadow? No problem! Empty the eye shadow crumbs out onto a paper towel, add just a bit of rubbing alcohol to the container, put the crumbs back in and press down until it’s all combined again!
  • Don’t throw away your mascara before it’s time, even if it seems like it may be all gone. Add a few drops of contact solution to the mascara tube; shake, and your mascara will be brought back to life! And also – this prevents clumping too.

Have any more beauty tips you can send our way to lighten our purses? Leave it in a comment below!

Get Your Homecoming 2013 Makeup off with these DIY Makeup Remover Wipes

Oct 18, 2013

Have some serious leftover eye makeup from homecoming 2013? Check out our DIY Makeup Remover Wipes!

Have some serious leftover eye makeup from homecoming 2013? Check out our DIY Makeup Remover Wipes!

We all know what it’s like to have a great night at a dance or out with your friends on the town, and you wake up with raccoon eyes. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get all of your eye makeup off, especially when soap and water just doesn’t always do the trick. However, we have an awesome way for you to make your own makeup remover wipes so getting that black eyeliner off can be a synch – and not to mention affordable!

DIY Makeup Remover Wipes (adapted from

Ingredients and Materials Needed:

  • 1 roll of heavy-duty paper towels
  • 2 food storage containers big enough to fit ½ roll of paper towels in each
  • A serrated knife or a utility knife, sharpened
  • 4 cups of boiled water that has been cooled
  • 4 Tbsp. of Baby Shampoo
  • 1 Tbsp. of Organic Coconut Oil


  • Cut the roll of paper towels in half with your utility or serrated knife.
  • In your food storage container, microwave your water, coconut oil, and baby shampoo for 20 seconds.
  • Take half of the mixture and separate it into your other food storage container.
  • Take the center cardboard tubes out of the two paper towel halves. Place each half, cut side down, in the two food storage containers so they soak up the liquid.
  • Gently push the halves down as they absorb more liquid.
  • Once the whole roll is absorbed, put the lid of the food storage container on and flip over so the mixture is fully absorbing the half of roll.
  • Let sit overnight in the container, and then you’re ready to use.

Have anymore homecoming 2013 beauty tips or tricks for us to keep in mind? Leave it in a comment below!

How to Prep for Homecoming 2013: The Last Minute Tips You Need to Look Your Best

Oct 4, 2013

Follow these tips on how to prep for homecoming 2013 to look and feel your best!

Follow these tips on how to prep for homecoming 2013 to look and feel your best!

You’ve searched through countless homecoming dresses for 2013, found the perfect gown, shoes, and accessories, now what? Prepping for your homecoming night is essential to looking your best when you win that coveted crown, and has a timeline of what you need to do before the big dance!

A week before the event: You’ll want to start drinking that daily amount of water that your doctor told you about! Start by drinking eight, 8 oz. cups of water per day. This will help hydrate you properly, as well as keep your skin clear and your body’s immune system in check. In addition to drinking water, you also need to keep a regiment of daily vitamins. Vitamins like Vitamin E, B-12, and other multi-vitamins can help to keep your skin clear from breakouts, as well as helping to maintain a stable immune system.

Five days before the event: Need a little extra TLC on your eyebrows? Today’s the day to do it! Whether you wax, pluck, or thread to maintain the shape of your eyebrows, performing the actual process of hair removal works best about 4-5 days before the event. This is to help prevent redness or a breakout from chemicals (if you have sensitive skin) right before you head out to the dance. Also, this is a great time to do a trial run of your hair up-do for the big night. Get with your hair stylist or person that’s going to be helping you to your hair, and start playing around with different ways to do it.

Three days before the event: Time to do a trial run of your makeup for the big night! If possible, try on your whole outfit together, with makeup and hair, to make sure everything looks exactly how you’d like it to look. If it’s not how you want it to look for your big night, you can make changes accordingly and within enough time so you aren’t rushing to get things done. Three days before the event is also a great time to make sure things like your flowers, limousine, and dinner reservations are all in check, so you can have a stress-free night!

The night before the event: Treat Yourself! We love to partake in this at, especially the night before homecoming. Take some time for you and get your hands and feet manicured to perfection. Perhaps you can try out one of our DIY Face Masks, like our Chocolate Oatmeal Mask or Avocado Mask to keep your skin in tip-top shape. Also – keep in mind not to wash your hair the night before unless absolutely necessary. Up –do’s hold better for the night if your hair has its own, natural oils in it. If you have a pimple that decides to make its way to your face the night before, put a dab of toothpaste (yes, we said toothpaste) on it to eliminate swelling and redness! And most importantly – get some sleep!

Have more tips on how to prep successfully for homecoming 2013? Leave it in a comment below!

Dry Skin for Homecoming – Be Gone! Banish it With Our Avocado Moisturizing Face Mask

Sep 26, 2013

Try out this awesome, moisturizing avocado mask before you go to homecoming 2013!

Try out this awesome, moisturizing avocado mask before you go to homecoming 2013!

With this time of the year comes something that all divas’ dread: dry skin. Whether it’s your nose or around your forehead, this seasonal annoyance can be prevented with two of your favorite household ingredients. Who knew that mixing an avocado and honey together could help you banish the dry skin so you can dance the night away during homecoming 2013 in pure confidence?

Avocado & Honey Moisturizing Face Mask


  • 1 Avocado, ripe, skinned, and mashed
  • ½ cup of Organic Honey


Cut the avocado around the pit, twisting both sides in opposite directions until the sections separate from the pit. Scoop the pit out of the half with a spoon and throw away. Next, take each section of the avocado, cut into smaller, square sections. Then take your spoon, run it around the part where the skin meets the flesh of the vegetable and spoon into a bowl. Mash the avocado until it is a paste, and then mix in the half of cup of organic honey. Mix these two ingredients until smooth.

Next, you’ll apply this mixture to your whole face, or just the problem areas, for at least 15 minutes. Wait until the mask is dry, and then remove it with a damp washcloth. Make sure you’re doing all you can to prevent those dry spots so you can enjoy your homecoming 2013 free of worry!

Our Favorite Purple Homecoming Dresses for 2013

Sep 10, 2013

Find out which of these hot purple homecoming dresses makes our list of favorites for fall!

Find out which of these hot purple homecoming dresses makes our list of favorites for fall!

At, we’re super excited for our fall homecoming season that’s right around the corner! If there’s one color that seems to fly out of our store and onto the many, homecoming divas that make their way to their dances in the fall, it’s most definitely purple. Check out our favorite purple homecoming dresses for 2013 and see if there’s something that you can see yourself dancing the night away in!

MacDuggal Single Cap Sleeve Homecoming Gown: This hi-low dress is a perfect fit if you’re not sure what length to go with! With a one-shoulder, cap sleeved design and beaded accents; this purple gown is elegant, simple, and flawless for homecoming!

Night Moves By Allure Edgy Sequin Underskirt Prom Gown: Even though the title says “prom in it, don’t let it fool you: this high-low dress can double as a sparkling homecoming dress too! With its blue, silver, and purple sequins, this dress definitely is one of our favorite purple staples for fall!

Night Moves by Allure Shimmering Fitted Fully Sequin Party dress: Looking for something that has a little bit more of a flare to it? This homecoming dress by Night Moves is your perfect fit! Purple sequins and a sweetheart neckline make this dress a top pick for purple dresses this homecoming season!

Landa Cire Slim Flare Lace Up Back Gown: Elegance, simple design, and small details make this long homecoming gown a front runner for this fall! With the sweetheart neckline and the beautiful chartreuse color, this dress is a perfect fit for the homecoming diva with a taste for classic design.

Panoply Flirty Sheath Short Prom Dress With Removable Long Overlay: Continuing with the high-low dress trend for the fall homecoming season, this Panoply dress is unlike any other we’ve list: it comes with a removable skirt! Versatility for any dancing queen, this dress’ purple shade is light, feminine, and totally chic!

Want to ship the rest of our purple homecoming dresses? Visit us today at!

Ramp Up for Homecoming 2013 with One of Our Romper Homecoming Dresses

Aug 9, 2013

Get ready for homecoming this year and check out our awesome romper dresses!

Get ready for homecoming this year and check out our awesome romper dresses!

At, we’re so excited for homecoming 2013 season to get here! We know that you need to start planning the perfect outfit, so that’s why we’re showcasing our most adorable new trend: romper dresses!

Mac Duggal Daring Sequin Romper Edge Party Prom Gown: This adorable sequined one piece is the perfect homecoming dress for any girl with a fierce personality! Green and blue sparkles make this romper party dress to rock at homecoming. Plus, it even comes with a removable skirt, so you have two outfits for the night with only wearing one!

Sherri Hill Show-Stopper Sequin Romper Prom Dress: This elegant gown is a little less party and a lot more formal. However, it doesn’t stop it from being one of our favorite romper homecoming dresses and a “show-stopping” hit! With a beautiful silver color, glittering details around the bodice, and a sheer, glimmering skirt, this romper dress is classy for any future homecoming queen!

Claudine Alyce Multi-Colored Sequin Prom Dress: Looking to take a walk on the wild side for homecoming 2013? Our Claudine Alyce Multi-Colored Sequin romper dress is a perfect choice for any lady looking to embrace the inner wild child! With large rhinestone detailing across the bodice and shorts of the dress, you’ll be glittering your way right into the event with all eyes on you! In addition, this beautiful romper dress has a light chiffon skirt that is feminine, airy, and easy to move in.

Claudine One of a Kind Halter Top Evening Gown: If you’re looking for a unique romper dress to sport during homecoming 2013’s big dance, we have the perfect little number for you. The Claudine One of a Kind Halter Top Evening Gown is not only a beautiful option for the year’s big event, but it’s a romper too! With lace-like detailing and a halter top to give you proper support, this daringly beautiful number is one we think that any diva would love to wear!

Want to see more romper homecoming and prom dresses? Visit us today at!

Our Favorite Homecoming Dresses for Fall 2013

Jul 19, 2013

Find out which are our favorite homecoming dresses for fall 2013!

Find out which are our favorite homecoming dresses for fall 2013!

At, we’re totally excited for the fall! Even though we’re sad to see summer go, we’re ready for homecoming season to arrive!  We have our favorite homecoming dresses of fall 2013 for you to browse through, get some ideas, and hopefully find something that will make a statement when you arrive at the dance!

La Femme Short Poly Chiffon in Berry: One of the hottest colors for this fall is a dark purple and this La Femme homecoming dress makes this colors stand out like no other! With a sweetheart cut neckline, a feminine, flowing chiffon base and rhinestone beading along the top, you’ll be sure to make everyone wonder just where you found this simple but elegant dress!

Sherri Hill Sexy Sheath Iridescent Sequin Cocktail Gown in Turquoise: Talk about statement-making fashion! This unique but sexy homecoming dress is a classic; with its multi-color beading and deep, v-neckline, this dress looks and feels just as fierce as it sounds! Turquoise is a perfect fall color, being bright enough to wear when heading out to the homecoming dance but not too bright so you can blend into the fall season!

Mac Duggal Gorgeous Hi-Low Chiffon Homecoming dress in Black: Hi-low gowns are back and better than ever! This particularly stylish gown is black with green, blue, and yellow rhinestone accents. With the sheer black overlay and short, almost hidden skirt underneath, you’ll be the talk of your homecoming dance with this fierce little number!

La Femme Short Classic Wrapped Fitted Gown in Cranberry: Looking for something classic yet still stylish for a bombshell? Our La Femme homecoming dress in Cranberry has a wrapped look to it but still has enough detail to make anyone take a second look. It’s sophisticated and sleek, with a beautiful shade of red to match, making this a perfect fit for any homecoming cutie!

Want to see more of our adorable, favorite homecoming dresses for fall 2013? Check them out today at!