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Get the Best Look for Homecoming 2013 with these Fall Makeup Trends

Jul 12, 2013

Get these hot makeup trends for your fall homecoming 2013!

Get these hot makeup trends for your fall homecoming 2013!

Heading back to school for the fall can be a drag when you know you’re headed back to the classroom. However, heading back to school means also means fun school things like football games, pep rallies, and homecoming 2013! We want you to look the best for your homecoming this year, and that’s why we have the best homecoming dresses for you to choose from! In addition, we have some great fall makeup trends for you to test drive before the big dance so that you look great all over!

Cat-eyes: This vintage trend is coming up on runways throughout the world! This Cleopatra-esq eye design has celebrities sporting it when they head out to awards shows, out for an A-List party, or just showing up to glamorous events. This fabulous makeup trend looks great on just about everyone, as well as being a great look for you in your homecoming dress this fall!

Red/pink eye makeup: Metallic, beautiful and eye-popping, this fun fall makeup trend is something that is all over the runways this summer. With the tree’s changing and the air cooling down, this beautiful makeup trend blends in with the most beautiful colors of fall. Plus, red or pink eye shadow will have all eyes on your for your homecoming!

Petal-stained lips: Unique and seen on many different models during Fashion Week, this fun, beautiful lipstick trend looks just how it sounds: like a flower petal! A fading effect from the outside of the lips, getting darker to the center makes for a beautiful, eye-catching and artistic look. Feminine and chic, this makeup trend will highlight your face for homecoming, while looking almost effortlessly beautiful!

So grab your dress and get these makeup trends ready for homecoming 2013 because we know that you will be the thing that everyone can’t stop talking about!

Fall Homecoming Dress Trends: What the Pantone Color Report has to Say for Fall 2013

Jul 5, 2013

Check out our hottest Fall homecoming dress trends for 2013!

Check out our hottest Fall homecoming dress trends for 2013!

Summer is coming to an end and that means one thing: back to school! We know it can be a bummer to look forward to, but just think: back to school means homecoming too, right? Fall homecoming dress trends are heating up, and the Pantone Fashion color report for Fall 2013 is released! Want to know what their picks are for some sizzling fall colors? We’ve picked out some of our favorites so you can show up to homecoming in style and ready for fall!

Emerald: This beautiful, green tone is hitting the fashion scene by storm! There’s nothing quite like the colors of fall, offset with a beautiful, rich, gem-toned emerald green. Plus, our Sherri Hill Top Short Bejeweled Cocktail Dress is this lovely shade of green, with added bonus: sparkles!

Vivacious (Purple/Pink): This unique color even has a name of its own! A mix between purple and pink, this beautiful fall hue has all the designers wanting more of it on their clothing. This vibrant and “vivacious” color is seen all throughout our homecoming 2013 dresses, including our Sweetheart Night Moves cocktail dress! It’s definitely a color we’re excited to see more of this fall!

Koi (Orange): Many say this color reflects the fall season the best, and we agree! This beautiful color is a delightfully seasonal shade that taking over runways all across the globe. Ferociously coming back into style for the fall season, Koi finds its way into our collections by making an appearance in our fall homecoming dresses! Our Le Femme Classy A-Line Cocktail Gown with a chiffon skirt makes this color look fierce and ready for cooler weather!

Want to see more of our fall homecoming dress trends? Visit us today at for the most stylish and glamorous cocktail dresses!

Sweet Sixteen Dresses? More like Fierce Sixteen Dresses!

May 10, 2013

Turning 16 only happens once in your life, so why not do it the way you want to? has the most fashionable, fierce and fearless sweet sixteen dresses for any diva! Want to know which dress (or dresses) you should rock for your themed, big birthday bash? has them!

Vegas themed: Turn 16 the best way you know how—with a theme as big as your personality! A Vegas themed sweet sixteen calls for bright, colorful, and flashy dresses. Check out our Sparkling Mermaid Gown by Allure in Fuchsia, which reminds us of something a Vegas socialite would sport on her special night out!

Rock star themed: Rock out the best way you know how and celebrate 16 years on this planet with a rock star themed sweet sixteen! Getting glammed up and ready for the finer things in life should be your top priority on your special day, so your dress shouldn’t be anything less than that! Our Strapless Cocktail dress with Colorful stones at the Bodice, by Sherri Hill, will definitely bring out your inner-rock star during your party!

Masquerade themed: Channel a different era for your 16th birthday bash with a masquerade themed party!  With all the fun masks and creative decorations at your party, you’re going to need a dress that plays the part too. How about our Playful Corkscrew Formal Dress by Sherri Hill for you party? It has everything you need for your true personality to be unmasked!

Looking for more sweet sixteen dresses to outfit your big bash with? Check out our selection today at!

Celebrate your sweet sixteen with some of these fierce dresses that will fit into any theme!

Celebrate your sweet sixteen with some of these fierce dresses that will fit into any theme!

Get Your Diploma in Style with These Graduation Dresses

May 3, 2013

Look fierce while grabbing your diploma with one of these graduation dresses!

Look fierce while grabbing your diploma with one of these graduation dresses!

Getting your diploma, whether it’s from high school or college, is a huge event for you and your family. That’s why you should have the dress of your dreams for that day! Even though you’re mostly under a regal, plain robe, you should still have a dress underneath that celebrates all your achievements. At, our collection of graduation dresses has a little something for every lady graduate, regardless of what kind of style she has!

Sweetheart Blush Clarisse Dress:  This adorable, feminine little number is perfect for any graduation—inside or outside. With its unique and flashy beading underneath the busy, along with the fun and flirty ruffles on the bottom of the dress, the Clarisse dress will bring out your soft side while letting the world know you’re taking it on!

Sequin Beaded Strapless Soft Tulle 2013 Sherri Hill in Blue: If you’re feeling a little more adventurous about your big day, you’ll definitely make a statement of sparkles with this fun cocktail dress! The sweetheart neckline along with the tulle skirt makes for a rocking, dazzling, and eye-catching graduation dress.

Hannah S. Shiny Fitted Cocktail Gown: No one will forget this blingtastic cocktail dress from Hannah S.! With its spotlight-catching, sequined bodice, everyone will be asking for a pair of sunglasses when glancing your way. Do your graduation day the shiny way with this hot, strapless dress!

Want to see more graduation dresses? Head over to our website today at!

Shine in your Sequin Homecoming Dress

Apr 26, 2012

Designer Vera Wang once said, “Fashion offers no greater challenge than finding what works for a night without looking like you are wearing a costume.” This is something to keep in mind when accessorizing with a sequin ensemble. With our 2013 sequin homecoming dresses just in, we want to help you accessorize with these hot dresses.

homecoming dresses 2012

Sparkle and Shine!

  1. Just like Vera says, you do not want to look like you are wearing a costume. You should portray a flawless glam look. Since sequins can be a tough pattern to accessorize with, here are some tips to help you out:
  2. Less is more – Keep jewelry limited. Go for a pair of amazing earrings or perhaps throw on a few bangle bracelets. Just be careful not to over do it. You want to keep everyone’s attention on that stunning dress rather than your abundant accessory choices.
  3. Metals vs. Gemstones – Since you are already sparkling, stay away from flashy gemstones and try metals instead. A metal will better compliment the dress and will, again, keep the focus on the dress rather than your glitz accessories.
  4. Solid Color Shoes – Go for a solid color shoe, rather than a glitter one. The glitter can clash with the sequins, where with a solid you really can’t go wrong.
  5. Solid Color Clutch- Keep the clutch a solid color and try to pair it with the shoes. Pick a color that will make the dress color pop.
  6. Keep Hair Simple – While we love glitz hairpins in the hair, this is the time to stay clear of them. A simple updo or relaxed waves is the way to go. You want to make it appear that this look was effortless and you were just born this glamorous!

Following these 5 simple steps, you will be able to rock those sequins like a pro! Always keep in mind that less is more. Keep everyone’s eyes on you with your flawless look; because this isn’t your costume or time to cover up, it is your time to shine. Remember to check out our entire collection of sequin homecoming dresses at!

Top 5 Countdown to Hair Styles Complementing One Shoulder Dresses: Part 2

Apr 20, 2012

Half up, half down, all fun!

Half up, half down, all fun!

You’ve been waiting all week for it, now it’s finally time to announce our final three top hairstyles for prom and 2012 one shoulder homecoming dresses

3. The Up Down – Half up, half down. Another way to show off your fun or classy personality. Add some small braids throughout your curls, give the top of your hair some volume, and be sure to not have too much hair down and if so, keep it to the side or off the shoulder that your strap is on.

4. The Bun – Make your bun tight and snug like one of a ballerina or loose with curls and waves throughout to show a more relaxed look.  Perhaps even add a cute headband to match the dress and keep hair in place.

5. The Short Style – If your hair is too short to do any of the above tricks try doing some small curls and add an accent to your hair. A flower, feather, or hairpin to match your shoulder strap will really bring both features out.

We hope this guide can help you to choose the perfect hairstyle to compliment your 2012 one shoulder homecoming dress. Also, share with us your favorite hairstyle in honor of Hairstyle Appreciation Day. We would love to hear your thoughts!

2012 Inspirations for One Shoulder Homecoming Dresses

Mar 12, 2012

one shoulder homecoming dresses

Have you been looking through magazine after magazine, page after page of blogs, and countless other traditional and so-so ideas? Your 2012 homecoming should be a day to enjoy, a day for fun and new possibilities. So what sort of dress style should you be looking at? The one shoulder homecoming dresses selection of course!

  • One shoulder isn’t all about a single strap holding your dress up. Many of these stunning styles lend more fashion than support, with slinky one shoulder dress straps sliding across the chest like in this Allure Evenings  cocktail dress.
  • Spin the shoulder style in a new direction. These dynamically designed one shoulder dresses also come with sweet decorative embellishments, with single flowers or intricate shoulder long floral straps. The one shoulder accented chiffon black label dress offers just a single sexy shoulder strap that’s more for looks than anything else.
  • The one shoulder style can be demure, but there are still many dresses to be found with a thigh high slit as well. Embrace the wild side with a classic one shoulder look with the beaded accent chiffon Alyce Designs dress.

The classical grace and elegance of a one shoulder dress are always a hot choice. Whether it’s the delicate beading, dazzling rhinestones or unique spin on the dress with a short sleeve homecoming dress you’ll definitely make your mark on the homecoming dance floor.

2012 Plus Size Fashion Trends

Jan 6, 2012

plus size dresses

There are many plus size women who don’t think much about fashion, and some don’t even take the latest fashion trends into consideration! It’s time to break out of that mind set and begin shopping all of the latest trends in plus size fashion. Here are some of the biggest plus size fashion trends of 2012, and how you can pull them off and look amazing.

  • This season, dazzling divas will be inspired by the past, rocking fashions from the 60s, 80s and even 20s. Some of these age old trends include flapper dresses, and outfits with beading and fringe.
  • The New Year brought us trendy pastel colors. Slip into a pastel colored dress and accessories with bracelets, earrings, a necklace and a cute clutch.
  • Tailored clothing with colorful prints and patterns is another adorable trend we have to look forward to.
  • A knitted dress will accent and highlight your curvy figure in all the right places.
  • Whether you wear a skirt, jacket, shirt, or trouser pants, plaid is coming back into style.
  • In addition to pastels, we’ll be seeing a lot of purple this season. You can find a wide variety of purple dresses at

As you dress to impress in the New Year, keep these 2012 plus size fashion trends in mind. You can find many fantastic plus size dresses and fashion trends at

2011 Winter Formal Dress Fashion Trends

Nov 28, 2011

With a dusting of snow on the ground, and everyone dressed in their formal best, your winter formal can be a magical night. With these helpful fashion tips, you’ll look fabulous and stand out amongst the crowd at this year’s winter formal.

This year’s winter formal fashion trends provide you with a variety of dress choices. From beads to feathers, here are some of the trends you’ll find when shopping for a winter formal dress this year.

  • winter formal dressesDresses with pick up hems are the way to go! Pick-up hems are the same style as bubble hems, with some added texture to make the skirt pop.
  • Whether you’re swaying across the dance floor or posing for a photo, a dress with an embellished neckline which make you standout from the crowd.
  • Create a feminine look with a feathered dress. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with feathers. Look for a dress with a feathered bodice or skirt.
  • Embellishments such as beading, glitter, embroidery, etc. make a dress interesting.
  • Sparkle on the dance floor with a sequined dress. Opt for a holiday color like a deep blue, a shade of red, silver or white.
  • Ruffled dresses can be found in many different styles. You can find a dress with a few ruffles on the sleeves, or take it up a notch and wear a dress with a long ruffled skirt. When it comes to this winter formal dress trend, the possibilities are endless.

You’ll be the belle of the ball when you’re wearing one of these winter formal trends. You can find these and other winter formal dress fashions at

Look Like a Bombshell this Homecoming with Our Hair and Makeup Tips

Oct 18, 2011

You have the beautiful homecoming dress, now you still need to consider your hair and makeup in preparing for homecoming this fall. Luckily, has some great hair and makeup tips that will complete your homecoming look!dress prom homecoming tips

  • Make your eyes pop by highlighting them with a shadow that matches your homecoming dress.
  • Instead of matching your shadow to your homecoming dress, match it to your nail polish.
  • Rather than coating your lips with lipstick, clear lip-gloss will keep your lips smooth, and you won’t have to reapply it constantly.
  • Summer may be over, but you can achieve a summery look for homecoming by dusting your cheeks, temple and jaw line with bronzer.
  • Pull your hair up into a high messy bun, and use a headband or an elastic headband to decorate the look. Instead of combing all your hair back with the headband, leave a few strands out, falling softly around your head.
  • Red lipstick is always in style, and it gives you a classical look.
  • Loose curls look fantastic when paired with dangly earrings and soft smoky eye makeup.
  • Blushed cheeks can complement anyone. Choose a blush that matches your skin tone, and then give the apples of your cheeks a light dusting.

When looking for your best makeup look for homecoming, choose colors that complement your skin tone and the color of your homecoming dress. If you’re going to try a new hairstyle for homecoming, make sure you practice the hairstyle to make sure it looks good with your makeup and homecoming dress. What are some of your favorite homecoming hairstyle and makeup tips?