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Pageant Accessories

Johnathan Kayne Shoes: Fashionable Fierceness for Your Feet!

Mar 10, 2014

Johnathan Kayne Pageant Shoes

Whether you’re new to the pageant world, or you’ve been competing as many years as you can remember, we don’t have to remind you of the importance of details. The little things matter in everyday life as well, with the right necklace or purse instantly elevating an outfit, but they don’t matter anywhere near as much as they do for pageants! With their trained eyes and their pencils at the ready, pageant judges can take in a look from head-to-toe at a glance. They notice things most people wouldn’t, for better or for worse. And while your dress may be as dazzling and captivating as your smile, you know they aren’t going to forget about what’s on the floor! No – we aren’t talking about the tile. We’re talking about your pageant shoes. You know – the ones from Johnathan Kayne…

Let You Shimmer, Let You Shine!

We aren’t here to play favorites. We offer a variety of stunning pageant heels from Night Moves, Pink Paradox London, and others. But today we’re shining the light on one of our favorite Project Runway alums by taking a closer look at Johnathan Kayne pageant shoes. They are, in a word, fabulous! With pageant passion that goes beyond the dress, Kayne creates some of the most modern pageant heels on the market. Each pair commands attention for all the right reasons, perfectly combining glamour with a very grown-up elegance. Johnathan Kayne shoes aren’t the least bit over-the-top, but so perfectly frame a woman’s foot that they draw in the eye with the certainty of a louder shoe. In short – they’re pretty enough that they’re impossible to overlook, and quiet enough that they let your gown and your confidence do the talking. And isn’t that exactly what a pageant accessory should do? We think so!

Stay Sophisticated with Pageant Jewelry

Feb 26, 2014

Pageant-JewelryStunning and sophisticated beauty pageant jewelry from Pageant Designs is a must for women of all ages who are competing in a beauty pageant. Jewelry is one of the elements in a pageant that can make you stand out from all of the other beauties on stage. The Pageant Designs selection of beautiful pageant earrings and pageant bracelets is perfect for completing any pageant look.

From jewelry that will compliment sophisticated eveningwear to earrings that can match the most beautiful gowns, Pageant Designs offers fun and functional items that are perfect for any budget. When you’re looking to sparkle on the stage, you should carefully consider the style and color of jewelry that you choose.

Pageant Designs carries stunning multicolored tear drop earrings from designer Carole Fay, which look amazing under the lights! Beauty pageant jewelry is also available in blue, cheetah or black to compliment any dress. Pageant Designs also offers designer bracelets in various sizes. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a 1¼” thick rhinestone bracelet or you want an elegant round cut formal bracelet to pull your outfit together, you’ll be pleased with the options available at Pageant Designs.

Wow Judges In The Perfect Pageant Shoes

Apr 12, 2013

So you’ve found the perfect pageant dress, now what? Pageant shoes, of course! Making sure you have the perfect pair of shoes to go with your show stopping pageant dress is of the utmost importance. The right pair of pageant shoes can take any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, which is why at Pageant Designs we only offer high quality pageant shoes that are always a hit.

Perfect Pageant Shoes

One of the first things to consider when selecting a pair of pageant shoes to compliment your dress is the height of the heel. Jonathan Kayne pageant shoes are always a great choice when deciding which shoes to wear. This collection provides a variety of high heels and styles that will compliment almost any dress you choose.

Another great collection to consider when shopping for pageant shoes is Night Moves by Allure. This collection offers everything from edgy, glittering pumps to sky-high, strappy platforms. No matter what pair you select from this collection, you know you’ll be turning heads as you strut for the judges!

Just remember, when you’re searching for your perfect pageant look, the shoes make the outfit, and any of these shoes will make your pageant look complete!