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Make a Memorable First Impression at Pageant with These Opening Number Dresses!

May 23, 2014

Alyce 2277 Cocktail DressTerani P677 Pageant DressWhether you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents, starting a new class, or going on a job interview, chances are good that you’re concerned with making a fabulous first impression. Because, let’s face it, we don’t always do just that! It seems so simple when it’s written down, but there are countless things in life that come into play when we least expect them, often resulting in us leaving a less-than-awesome first impression despite our preparation. While we can’t prepare for 100% of the things that can happen, we can prepare in some ways. And when it comes to choosing opening number pageant dresses, here are two important things to consider…

Express Yourself – Nope, we aren’t talking about the Madonna song – we’re talking about you! Finding a beautiful pageant dress isn’t tricky; there are countless captivating dresses to choose from. But what does take some work is finding one that not only catches your eye, but really speaks to who you are and your unique sense of style. You’ll always feel your best, look your best, and perform your best when you are in love with the dress you’re wearing. It takes more than a great gown to win the crown, of course, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!

Give Yourself Some Room to Move – Keep the opening number routine in mind when choosing your opening number pageant dress. You want to be sure your dress isn’t too tight or short for what you’ll be doing during opening number. Even if you won’t be dancing at all, practice your poses in your opening dress before hitting the stage. If you’re too restricted, or it rides up to much when you pose, consider going up a size or choosing another dress.

Have a design in mind, or are you more of an ‘I’ll know it when I see it’ kind of gal? Browse our full collection of opening number pageant dresses and see what stands out! And remember – if a dress causes you to pause and take notice, it just might do the same for the judges!

Blue Pageant Dresses for Sale: Clearance Prices on Gorgeous Gowns!

May 15, 2014

Mac Duggal 6355P DressCrown Collection 6120 by Bonny

You know that fabulous feeling you get when you find the absolutely perfect, just what you wanted, couldn’t dream of anything better ‘something’? I mean, it could be any number of things. It could be a purse, it could be a paint color, it could be a lip gloss. And, sometimes, it could be a pageant dress! Today, we’re hoping that a pageant dress is exactly what it is.

We’re currently offering a few dozen designer pageant gowns for seriously discounted prices. The only catch is that they are available in just one or two sizes. They’re all brand new, they’re all in style, and they’re all so stunning that we’ve almost sold out completely – emphasis on ‘almost’! And we’re making room for new designs by selling those precious few remaining dresses for a price that’s almost as nice as taking home the crown. Here are two of our true blue favorites…just be sure to act fast…

Mac Duggal 6355P Turquoise Gown – Size 4 – This daring dress is dripping with glamour in the most breathtaking shade of blue. A light-as-air silk flyaway skirt adds a dose of eye-catching drama with every step you take, and the crystal beading is oh-so-perfectly placed to draw attention to where a woman is thinnest. This enhances your natural curves, or helps to create the illusion of curves if your body is more straight. The result is a classic silhouette that Marilyn Monroe would applaud!

Crown Collection 6120 by Bonny – Size 12 – You didn’t spend hours at the gym, in the yoga studio, or hitting the trail running to hide your lovely legs. And this delightful design is ready to let them shine! With a dramatically high slit and flowing train, you’ll move across the stage like a fiercely fashionable feminine force to be reckoned with!

Pageant Designs Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013: Part 2

Dec 31, 2013

From pageant beauty tips to industry trends, Pageant Designs is counting down our top ten most popular blog posts of 2013. Sit back, relax, and join us as we relive some of this year’s most popular pageant moments, tips and more! PageantDesigns.com_2013_Blogs

5. 2014 Miss America Pageant Contestants: Part 7: From Miss New York to Miss Oregon, number five on our countdown introduces you to six more of the 2014 Miss America Pageant contestants.

4. Win Over the Judges with These DIY beauty Tips: Everyone loves a good do it yourself, and pageant contestants aren’t an exception! This blog post will help you fix a run in your stocking curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler, and more!

3. 2014 Miss America Pageant Contestants: Part 4: Many of you look forward to our roundup of the Miss America pageant contestants every year. This year, several of these blog posts made our top ten most popular blog post list. Part four in our Miss America Pageant contestant series introduces five more contestants.

2. How To: Become a Well-Rounded Pageant Contestant: Beauty pageants are more than just beauty and grace. In order to win the crown you have to become a well-rounded contestant, and number two on our countdown has some great tips to help you do just that!

1. Wow Judges in the Perfect Pageant Shoes: Our most popular blog post of 2013 will complete this series, as well as your pageant outfit. Find the perfect pageant shoes for every dress with these helpful tips!

Which post was your favorite? Let us know by commenting below. Make sure you check back with in 2014 for more great pageant tips and industry news!

Pageant Designs Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013: Part 1

Dec 20, 2013

From the 2014 Miss America Pageant to beauty pageant trends, 2013 has been a wonderful year in the pageantry world. Pageant Designs was happy to spend it, updating our blog every week with pageant news and tips. Over the next two weeks, we’ll go through our most popular blog posts of 2013. PageantDesigns.com_2013_Blog_Roundup

10. How to Deal with Losing a Beauty Pageant: After months of training, it’s difficult to see the crown being set on someone else’s head. Here are some great tips on how to deal with the loss of a crown. We’re happy to see that this blog post made our top ten list!

9. 2014 Miss America Pageant Contestants: Part 3: Every year, Pageant Designs goes through the states and introduces our readers to the years Miss America pageant contestants. This blog post is the third in our 2014 Miss America pageant contestant series, and it highlights Miss Georgia, Miss Hawaii, Miss Indiana, and Miss Iowa.

8. Step on Stage in the 2013 Mac Duggal Pageant Gown Collection: In June, we introduced you to the 2013 collection of Mac Duggal pageant gowns. This colorful collection features a number of elegant pageant gown options that flatter any figure!

7. 2014 Miss America Pageant Contestants: Part 2: The second part of our 2014 Miss America pageant contestant series features Miss Colorado, Miss Connecticut, Miss Delaware, and Miss District of Columbia.

6. 5 Tips for Better Pageant Public Speaking:  Public speaking is one of the key parts of a beauty pageant. Contestants must excel in the art of public speaking, especially during the pageant interview. This blog post has some great tips on how to improve your public speaking.

What was your favorite Pageant Designs blog post of 2013? Let us know with a comment below. Make sure you tune in next week for the top 5 Pageant Designs blog posts of 2013!

Show Your Pride This Independence Day with These Stylish Patriotic Pageant Dresses

Jun 28, 2013

Have a pageant coming up in the beginning of next month? At we have some stylish pageant dresses

Show off your red, white, and blue pride with these stylish pageant dresses!

Show off your red, white, and blue pride with these stylish pageant dresses!

that can really show your pride for America! We’ve taken some of our favorite pageant dresses that can help you wow the judges, as well as show your love for the red, white and blue!

Chic Flowing A-line Prom Dress by Maggie Sottero Flirt: Simple but sophisticated, this exquisite, Red evening gown is an excellent choice for any pageant beauty looking to stand out from the crowd! With its eye-catching embellishments and sweetheart cut, this flowing, bright A-line dress is sure to get the judges attention.

Red Carpet Jersey Prom Gown Night Moves By Allure: White has never looked so good on a gown! A sheer, beaded cut out along the side of the dress adds a unique touch to this already vibrant gown. With a shining white dress and your pearly whites being flashed in front of the audience, you’ll have this pageant in the bag!

Elegant Chiffon Faviana Formal Prom Gown: Sashay your way across the stage in this blue beauty! A very simple design by nature but the bright navy blue color and silver jewel embellishments will snag ever judge’s eye as you make your way onto the platform. Make a statement, and do your best to show your USA pride with this dazzling number!

Want to see the rest of our stylish pageant gowns, as well as some more red, white and blue dresses? Visit us today at!

Stylish and Sleek Pageant Swimwear for Women Tips!

Apr 30, 2012

You know all the answers to every tough question and you’ve practiced your talent to the utmost perfection. Here at we so often go over the first two portions of any pageant competition, the interview and talent portion, but until recently haven’t been able to speak to the swimwear portion.pageant swimwear for women

Today we’re proud to say that we will we be glad to help any young ladies look their best for the swimsuit potion of the competition!

  • We now carry two fabulous lines of pageant swimwear for women from Lady M which means you can now get both your pageant dress and pageant swimsuit from the same convenient location!
  • We can provide you with help and tips to pick out the right swimsuit for your body and personal style, be it the bolder two piece or the fashionable one piece swimsuit.

What is Lady M Swimwear?

Designed by Micheal Valley-St. George, Lady M swimwear has been featured in pageants and pageant magazines across the country. Winning styles mean winning crowns, so why settle for anything less than competition worthy. You wouldn’t settle for an off the rack pageant dress, so why choose an off the rack pageant suit?

What do you look for when you choose your swimsuit, a plunging one piece neckline or a two piece to show off your chiseled abs?

Meet Some of the Miss World 2012 Contestants

Apr 23, 2012

Since its start, the pageant has had a larger global audience than the Olympics! In 1951, Eric Morley organized the very first Miss World pageant, which was introduced as a part of the Festival of Britain celebrations. Recently, the Miss World Organization released a list of some of this year’s pageant contestants. This year, over 120 pageant contestants from different countries across the world are expected to shine one stage in their beautiful pageant gowns.

pageant gowns crownSome of the Miss World 2012 pageant contestants include:

Miss. Angola

Edmilza Nicosia Mota Dos Santos – The 22 year old student is studying psychology. She loves to dance, and has a passion for fashion.

Miss Barbados

Marielle Wilkie – The 22 year old loves spending time outdoors and surfing. She believes that one person at a time can make a difference in the world.

Miss Belgium

Laura Beyne – The 19 year old was training to be a real estate broker when she won the title of Miss Belgium 2012.

Miss Cape Verde

Tirzah Evora – The 19 year old graduated from high school in July 2011. She enjoys reading and dancing, and volunteers within her community.

Miss Ethiopia

Melkham Endale – The 22 year old is currently going to school at a university near her home. She enjoys reading books, and writing poems.

Check back with Pageant Designs for more information about the Miss World 2012 pageant contestants, and don’t forget to tune into the Miss World 2012 beauty pageant, which will be held in July in Ordos, China.

More Than Just Pretty Pageant Gowns

Apr 16, 2012

It's brains, not just beauty.

It's brains, not just beauty.

When you watch a beauty pageant you may think that these women are judged simply on their pretty faces, pageant dresses, and poise, but in fact they’re being judge on much more. Most pageants are more than just pretty dresses and faces. Today, many beauty pageant contestants are helpful by volunteering for causes and in their communities.

Pageant contestants are active humanitarians. In fact, many contestants must “advocate a platform” and explain their favorite cause to the judges. This is taken in high consideration by the judges when it comes time to make a decision on who will win the crown. Pageants are about how the contestant can help her community or organization while remaining kind, generous, and poised.

You may think that a pageant queen’s life revolves around beauty pageants, but in most cases she competes in a pageant about every two months. Between competing in pageants the contestant is devoting many hours a week to her platform. She is an advocate for the cause and educates her community and others about what she believes in.

So, the next time you attend a pageant and you’re gasping at how gorgeous the contestant looks in her pageant dress, pay attention to what cause she is promoting, see if you’re on the same side on issues as she is, and know that she is just more than a pretty face in a beautiful gown. This beauty queen is a humanitarian and is concerned about helping others!

Pageant Designs Announces Most Popular Women’s Pageant Dress Designers & Brands

Mar 30, 2012

At Pageant Designs we know that it takes more than a great attitude and a beautiful smile for beauty pageant contestants to win, which is why we offer a wide variety of designer pageant gowns for women. Here are some of our most popular pageant dress designers for women and what you’ll find in each collection.Sherri Hill Pageant Gowns

  1. Mac Duggal: We can’t fit all of our shining Mac Duggal pageant dresses in one section, so we split them up into several outstanding sections of Mac Duggal pageant collections. Visit us today and browse our large selection of Mac Duggal Black White Red, Mac Duggal Cocktail, Mac Duggal Couture, Mac Duggal Pageant, Mac Duggal Ball Gowns, and Mac Duggal Prom Pageant.
  2. Alyce Designs: This pageant dresses collection is filled with stunning and mature pageant dresses. Every pageant beauty will be sure to make a statement when she’s wearing a pageant dress by Alyce Designs.
  3. Jovani: Jovani dresses have been worn by Miss America and Miss USA pageant contestants. This collection includes brightly colored, head turning pageant dresses that are the fancy of every pageant contestant.
  4. Crown Collection: Classic beauty will never go out of style. Let your inner queen shine in a classic v-neck gown or a one shoulder pageant gown from our Crown Collection of pageant dresses.
  5. Sherri Hill Pageant Gowns: Our Sherri Hill pageant collection includes elegant floor length gowns in many different colors. You’ll sparkle and shine on stage in a Sherri Hill pageant gown!

Who is your favorite women’s pageant dress designer at Let us know with a comment. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Beauty Pageant Pick-Me-Up Quotes

Mar 9, 2012

A beauty pageant queen’s job is never done. Sometimes the only way to get through the day or a pageant is by looking back on some of the people throughout pageant history and the inspirational and funny things they’ve had to say about beauty pageants. Here are some of our favorite beauty pageant quotes and funny happenings to help you get through your next rough day.fBeauty Pageant Pick-Me-Up Quotes

  • “At that moment, it’s kind of like dying. You’re alone. There’s nobody that can do it for you.” – Miss America 1973, Terry Meeuwsen, on winning
  • “The cardinal rule for hosting the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants is to expect the unexpected.” – Bob Barker, host of Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants
  • During the 1952 Miss. America pageant, Miss. New Jersey heard her name and passed out on stage. It took pageant officials a few minutes to revive her.
  • While competing in the 1963 America’s Junior Miss Pageant, Diane Sawyer walked headfirst into a metal post in front of the judges. She began giggling, and was later crowned 1963 America’s Junior Miss.
  • “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” - Kahlil Gibran
  • “Beauty comes in all sizes, not just size 5.” – Roseanne
  • “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

Next time you’re feeling stressed out from a pageant, get comfortable in your pageant dress and read one of our beauty pageant quotes or funny pageant happenings.