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Quinceanera Dresses

Hot Dresses for your 2017 Quincenera

Jun 21, 2017

If you are about to turn 15 and looking for a Quinceañera dress, then there are so many choices for you. With new trends in these confection dresses, there are more choices, but also more help finding one you really like.

Big Skirt Gets Cute

Quinceañera dresses are big, with full skirts of ruffles and fabric. The gown makes a beautiful entrance, but later in the evening it starts to get in the way of dancing. Dresses with removable ball gown skirts are very popular. The large skirt and petticoats come off to reveal a knee-length skirt like a ballerina tutu, or a sophisticated pencil skirt, among other styles. The trend has been well received. The dress is more comfortable as the evening goes on, and can possibly be worn for other occasions.


Colorful Ruffles

Traditionally, Quinceañera dresses were more often white, sometimes with color accents, but not heavily used. The Quinceañera gown is now available in just about every color from white to pastels, to vivid brights, and even some dark blue and burgundy hues. This is now your chance to choose your favorite color and own it. Are you a purple queen? Pick a lavender gown with a beaded bodice and purple ruffled skirt. Is turquoise your hue? You can pull that shade off, too. Even if you choose white, your options are more natural and softer than traditional Quinceañera designs.


Mixed Media

Gown trends for prom and other formal occasions are making their way into the Quinceañera circuit. Two piece dresses mean you can get a beaded top with a matching skirt, and show off your midriff. High-low skirts that are shorter in the front with a train in the back are also popular. Or there are dresses that keep the full skirt, but hold the ruffles in the back to play with textures.

This is your day to be a princess. Pick the dress that you love, and wear it in happiness and celebrate in style.

Quinceañera Planning Timeline

Jun 16, 2017

The Quinceañera is the first of many big days in any girl’s life, and the celebration is a big one. Events take time to plan, and it is important to start early so that all the details fall into place for the big day. Start planning up to one or two years before your daughter’s 15th birthday.

Start with a Budget

Determine how much you want, and can afford, to spend on a Quinceañera. How many guests do you plan to invite? Where do you plan to have the event? Start to think about the church and priest or minister, where to host the reception and start booking other people and companies such as caterers, DJs and photographers. This is also the time to start appointing the damas and chambelanes to make up the Quinceañera court.


Just Under a Year Away

This is when you should start thinking about a dress and all the accessories that go with it. Start shopping for a Quinceañera dress a few months before the big day. Waiting until inside a year means that your daughter will probably be about the same size, unless she has a growth spurt. So you can feel comfortable in starting the fitting process. Finalize your daughter’s escort and court of honor for the festivities. You also need to find formalwear for the chambelanes and dresses and accessories for the damas. Work with the court and a choreographer or dance instructor to help everyone get in step with the Quinceañera waltz, and a few other moves.

Six Months and Counting

Finalize your guest list and order your invitations. Start purchasing decorations and party favors, and draft out any part of the ceremony and reception that you want to happen.


The Day of the Event

There are so many details that you have worked hard on. Now it is the day of the Quinceañera, and time to celebrate. You want to enjoy the festivities, but there are still a few more details. Make sure all the hair, makeup and nail appointments are booked, and everyone gets to all their appointments. Make sure decorations, floral arrangements and party favors are in place. Appoint someone to handle emergencies that might spring up; keep this person armed with an arsenal of equipment such as a first aid kit, mini-sewing kit, makeup and an extra pair of pantyhose. By handing this responsibility off to a family member or good friend, you can now enjoy the celebration.

DressProm Layaway Program

Apr 4, 2017

Prom budget blues getting you down? No worries! With the DressProm Layaway Program, you can put your dream dress on hold and pay for it in installments over a 90-day period, allowing you more time to pay for your dress without risking losing your dress of choice.

Unlike some dress stores, DressProm’s Layaway Program is available on any dress in our inventory including prom dresses! This includes brand name dresses from designers like Alyce Paris, Blush Prom and Madison James, as well as quinceanera dresses, homecoming dresses and even tuxedos for women. Layaway is even available for out-of-stock, special order dresses, so you can purchase your dream dress without worrying about it coming back into stock!


In order to take advantage of the Layaway Program, all you have to do is put down a one-time initial deposit of 60% of the dress price. Then, the dress will be put on hold for up to 90 days, allowing you to make payments whenever you like. DressProm offers payment plans for as low as $50 every month, or bi-weekly payments of larger payments if you prefer to pay your dress off faster. No matter how you choose to pay for it, DressProm’s DressProm Layaway Program enables every girl to get her dream prom dress, no matter what her budget may be.

If you want to learn more about the DressProm Layaway Program or want to find out how to put a dress on layaway today, contact one of our friendly customer service staff members. They will help you to pick the perfect layaway plan for your budget, as well as place any special orders on out-of-stock prom dresses. Once you find the dress of your dreams, give a DressProm associate a call at 864-263-4371!

Quinceanera Gowns to Match Your Sign

Jul 12, 2016

Sherri Hill Quinceanera Dresses to Match Your Sign


Hey, what’s your sign? Did you ever think that your horoscope sign could help you pick out your stunningly stylish quinceanera dress? Sure, why not? Horoscopes are hugely popular. People read them for many reasons. For some, it’s for fun and for others horoscopes help with decision-making. And what is one of the hardest decisions to make as a teen? Why picking the perfect dress of course! It doesn’t matter the occasion, but major ones such as a quinceanera can be tough. Everyone has an opinion, especially your mother, and you want to make the right one since it is your special day. Consult the stars to help you find the dazzling dress of your dreams.

Sherri Hill pageant gowns are gorgeous and it can be hard to decide on the perfect one, which is where your horoscope comes in. Didn’t you know that certain types of dresses flatter certain signs? It’s true. Each zodiac sign has personality qualities that accompany it. Well, check out this Sherri Hill guide to quinceanera dresses at What is your sign by the way?

  • Capricorn – December 22 through January 20 – If you’re a Capricorn, you are hard-working, patient and practical. Keep it simple.
  • Aquarius – January 21 through February 19 – If you’re an Aquarius, you are open-minded and creative. Dare to be a little bit different. Go for a bright color that you might not normally wear with a style that may not be so traditional.
  • Pisces – February 20 through March 20 – Now, if you’re a Pisces, you have to go with a Sherri Hill mermaid style dress to pay homage to the fish sign.
  • Aries – March 21 through April 20 – Those of us that are under the sign of Aires tend to be a bit daring and are risk takers. Therefore, you may want to depart from your comfort zone with a Sherri Hill gown that pushes the envelope a little for a quinceanera, but not too far. Remember that relatives will attend.
  • Taurus – April 21 through May 21 – If you are a Taurus, you tend to be more down-to-earth. So, this is another sign where you may want to keep it simple with a Sherri Hill dress that shows off your natural beauty with a more form-fitting design.
  • Gemini – May 22 through June 21 – If you’re a Gemini, then you are both adventurous and smart. Go bold and basic with a Sherri Hill black and white gown.
  • Cancer – June 22 through July 22 – Cancers love the simple things in life like home and family. You’ll rock in a sweetheart Sherri Hill design.
  • Leo- July 23 through August 22 – If you’re a Leo, then you are super confident and can handle color. Go red and roar.


  • Virgo – August 23 through September 21- If you’re a Virgo, then you tend to be a bit on the shyer side. Explore the Sherri Hill designs that are more feminine and feature those flowing rows of tulle.
  • Libra – September 22 through October 22 – Libras love to be social and are super easy-going. Check out Sherri Hill’s fun designs that feature printed bodices and full skirts.
  • Scorpio- October 23 through November 21 – Scorpios are determined and passionate. Show off your confident style in a Sherri Hill satin design.
  • Sagittarius – November 22 through December 21 – If you’re a Sagittarius, you love to explore and travel. You’ll look fabulous in a fun-spirited Sherri Hill dress that features fun ruffles and a beaded bodice.

If you feel silly consulting horoscopes to find the ideal quinceanera dress, don’t. Varaha Mihira once said, “There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.”


Quinceanera Dresses Fit for Royalty

Jul 7, 2016

Purple Quinceanera Dresses

DP July 1

When it comes to your quinceanera, the color of the dress says it all. A Quinceanera is a Latin American tradition for young women as they celebrate their coming of age at fifteen. This special ceremony is teeming with tradition. There are many religious customs involved, as well as symbols of the momentous occasion.

The color of the quinceanera dress like a tiara and cross hold a distinctive place in the ceremony. Purple is considered a color of royalty. So, when you are picking out the amazing dress for your noteworthy day, think purple.  Now, don’t turn your nose up at the little girl color as you are preparing to show the world that you are a coming of age young lady. That idea is non-sense. Purple is a grownup color. It’s not just for little gals.

You can look absolutely stunning in a royal purple dress that will have you showing off your fabulous style that is anything but juvenile. Purple is most certainly a color that is decidedly feminine and will have the dramatic effect that you are craving since you are the center of attention.

At, you will find a sensational selection of purple quinceanera dresses that are fit for the princess that you are. Typically, quinceanera dresses are full formal ball gowns unlike prom and sweet sixteen dresses that can go long or short. Therefore, you’ll want to explore the quinceanera Collection that incorporates a full line of ball gowns including the eye-catching purple hue.

The Tiffany Quinceanera Collection contains a wealth of gorgeous creations that are stunning in purple. Explore a wonderful array of ball gowns that feature beaded bodices with flowing skirts. Choose from satin skirts to princess skirts with rows of billowing ruffles that will make you feel and look like royalty.


However, if you dare to be different and want to set you own style for your quinceanera, then take a peek the complete collection of formal purple dresses at that always feature the hottest trends.

Enjoy every moment of your noteworthy day as you enchant everyone in the most amazing purple quinceanera dress that you’ve always imagined.

Quinceañera Style Guide: How to Accessorize for the Big Day

Jun 7, 2016


You’ve found the perfect Quinceañera dress, but now it’s time to accessorize. The right combination of shoes, jewelry and other accessories can complete your look and make your party a true success. When searching for accessories, think about your party’s theme, the style of your dress, your individual taste and whether or not you’ll be performing a dance at your party.

Dress Accessories


First, think about the dress. You’ll need a pair of shoes to wear with it that are comfortable enough to dance in, yet elegant enough to compliment the design. Jewelry and a small handbag can also be included. When choosing jewelry, take into account the style of the dress. For example, beaded high necklines rarely require a necklace, but a sheath dress can benefit greatly from a dramatic statement piece. Of course, every dress pairs well with a tiara.

Other Needs


While it’s easy to get caught up in shoes and jewelry, it’s important to think about your other needs. From tattoo covering kits to petticoats and garment bags, the list of Quinceañera accessories can be intimidating. Try on your dress as soon as it arrives and you’ll quickly see if anything needs to be hidden, lifted or altered with discreet accessories.

With the right accessories and a beautiful gown, you’ll be ready to walk into your Quinceañera with your head held high. Shop for all of your Quinceañera accessory needs at for the best selection and lowest prices.

Find the Perfect Style for your Quinceañera at

May 26, 2016

You only turn 15 once and you’ll want your Quinceañera party to be absolutely unforgettable, so it’s important to choose the right dress for the big night. Celebrate the next chapter of your life by stepping into your birthday bash wearing a fabulous dress from We carry dozens of Quinceañera dresses to choose from, making it easy to find a dress that not only compliments your body shape, but also strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sophisticated, marking your entrance into young womanhood. Use these style tips to find the perfect dress for your sweet 15 party:



If you’re tall, a dress with a defined waist will accent your height and help define your silhouette. A dress with too much volume can literally overwhelm the room on a taller frame, so use your long limbs to your advantage by choosing a design that’s more on the slender side. A sash or a belt that runs across the thinnest part of your body can help accentuate your curves and break up a long frame. Strapless gowns are also very nice on taller girls.



Petite girls look fabulous in drop waist dresses. The elongated waistlines create the illusion of a longer torso, which helps lengthen the wearer and make them appear taller with a slimmer upper body. Put on a tall pair of heels and add a full skirt to look taller and curvier. Some people say that short girls shouldn’t wear a princess ball gown, but we couldn’t disagree more!



Curvy girls will look all grown up in a corseted gown. The structured bodice will help create and define the waist, giving you an hourglass shape. Corset gowns are typically beaded and have the sparkle and shine many 15 year old girls crave. A lace-up back will also allow for a perfect fit on your big night.

Style tip: If you’re self-conscious about your shoulders or have a wide upper body, pair your dress with a matching bolero jacket. The added coverage on your shoulders will help create a slimming effect on top to balance out your overall shape.



Girls with a narrow waist and slender hips will look super svelte in a mermaid dress. The form-fitting design accentuates a spender silhouette and remains tight until the knee where it flares out dramatically, like the end of a mermaid’s tail. Try a dress with added beading or embroidery for extra pizazz. Shear backs and high beaded neck lines are also very popular this year.

Large Bust


For those that are well-endowed, a halter dress is a great choice. High beaded neck lines are very stylish and choosing a halter dress for your Quinceañera will give you the coverage and support you need without sacrificing style. Halter dresses are great at keeping everything covered during high-energy dances. Halter dresses come in a wide range of styles with full or slender skirts.

Small Bust


It may seem counter-intuitive, but girls with a small bust can benefit from added embellishments along the chest. Fun embroidery, beading or other pretty details like flowers, ribbons and sequins will help to create the illusion of a fuller chest, adding curves and helping those self-conscious about their upper halves feel more mature. Look for a dress with decoration that ends right under the bust line to maximize the effect.

Have the Quinceañera of Your Dreams with These Themed Ideas

May 24, 2013

Turning 15 is a huge milestone in your life and that’s why your quinceañera should be just as large! With many different

Have the time of your life during your Quinceañera with one of these party themes!

Have the time of your life during your Quinceañera with one of these party themes!

ball gowns for you to choose from, the theme of your 15th birthday bash should be everything you dream of! At, we have some awesome quinceañera themes for you to choose from so that you enjoy your big day exactly how you like it to be!

A Midnight Summer’s Dream Theme: Shakespeare will set the tone for your quince party with a mystical, enchanted theme. Try using hanging vines, low lighting, and many of your favorite flowers to decorate. If you’re committing to this theme the whole way, dress up in the tradition Shakespearian-era garb!

Alice in Wonderland themed: Don’t fall down the rabbit hole with excitement about this theme, but it really is the queen of our hearts! With the crazy, unique, and fun decorations you could have a world of your own imagination with this childhood theme!

Polka Dots themed: No matter what colors you incorporate into your quinceañera bash, Polka dots are always in! This theme is a little more on the simple side, but there’s so much you can do with polka dots. Plus, everyone loves them and you can coordinate it to your ball gowns!

Have more quinceañera themes for us? Leave them in a comment below!

Celebrate your Quinceanera with Traditions

Aug 29, 2011

Every Latina girl dreams about her Quinceanera, or 15th birthday party, when she will leave her childhood behind and enter womanhood. Quinceanera parties are usually elaborate soirees, which have many traditions. Below are some of the common traditions practiced during a girl’s Quinceanera.
Quinceanera dress

  • The girl celebrating her coming of age chooses friends, brothers, sisters, cousins and others who she is close with to be a part of her Court of Honor and share the spotlight. The party girl wears a Quinceanera dress or gown, and the people of the Court of Honor usually wear gowns or tuxedos.
  • Typically, the girl celebrating turning 15 receives a tiara, cross or medal, bible or prayer book, rosary, and a scepter. These gifts all have special meanings. The tiara marks her as a princess and symbolizes her movement through childhood and the challenges facing her in womanhood. A cross stands for her faith in God, herself and the world, while the bible and rosary remind her of the importance of keeping God in her life. The scepter stands for authority and responsibility for her life.
  • One well-known tradition is the Changing of the Shoes. This is when the girl’s father and a male family member take off her flat shoes, and replace them with heels.
  • During the church ceremony, the girl kneels on a decorative ceremony pillow, which sometimes has her name sewn onto it.
  • After the ceremony, during the reception everyone toasts the birthday girl with decorated champagne glasses

These are only five of the many traditions that take place at a Quinceanera. What are some of your favorite Quinceanera traditions?