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What Prom Dress Color is Perfect for You

Jan 31, 2017

After you’ve identified the prom dress style that you want to wear, the next big question is the color. Now, color is key because picking the wrong hue can actually leave you looking washed out. It’s not your imagination that some colors are more flattering than others on you, which is why it’s vital to target a color that brings out all of your best assets. So, how do you decide on the perfect prom dress color for you? Well, the secret is actually in the undertones.

Red Long Prom Dress 2017 by Sherri Hill

First off, don’t confuse surface tone with undertone. Surface tone is what’s on top and what you pay attention to when it comes to makeup. However, undertone is what lies underneath your skin. Undertone is broken into three categories; cool, warm and neutral. Cool means you have pink, red or blue undertones while warm describes yellow or golden undertones. Ladies that are neutral have a combo of both. Don’t stress. It only takes a minute to decide which undertone best describes you.

  • Look at your veins – Check out the veins by your wrist. If they’re bluish, then you have cool undertones. Green means that you have warm.
  • Silver or gold – If silver jewelry looks better on you than you have cool undertones. Gold tends to flatter warm toned ladies.
  • Natural hair and eye color – If the previous tricks didn’t help, then consider the hair and eye color that nature gave you. Gals with blue, green or gray eyes and blonde, brown or black hair have cool undertones while ladies with brown, hazel or amber eyes along with red, brown, black or strawberry blonde hair have warm undertones.
  • Fun in the sun – Another way to find your undertone is to take a look at your skin after a day spent in the sun. Girls that tan easily have warm undertones while gals that burn quickly have cool.

Open Back Yellow Prom Gown 2017 by Jovani

Okay, so now that you’ve identified your undertone. Target a prom dress color that flatters your undertone and you have the ideal prom dress color for you. Fabulous colors for warm undertones are yellow, richer hues of red, shades of brown, creamy colors as well as lighter greens that have a yellow mix. Cool undertones will rock blue, purple, pink, darker greens, reds that boast a bluish base and cyan.

Happy shopping!

Our Top Three Favorite Pageant Dresses of 2014

Aug 7, 2014

Find out our three favorite pageant dresses of 2014 so far!

Find out our three favorite pageant dresses of 2014 so far!

All pageant princesses know the deal when it comes to stepping on stage. The goal is to look as gorgeous as possible with diet and exercise, glamorous make-up, graceful movements, and a stunning pageant dress. Of the above, selecting a dress with wow factor that perfectly complements your physique is usually the most difficult. But don’t fret, ladies! These three dresses have done wonders for many contestants in 2014.

Vintage Single Ruffled Skirt Star Detail Couture Dress – Mac Duggal: If you’re looking for simple elegance with an edge, this chic Mac Duggal gown is an excellent pick. This single-strap floor-length dress hugs every curve to show off the beautiful body that you worked so hard for. What makes this particular pageant gown so breathtaking is the large, intricate ruffle that extends from the shoulder strap down to your side, leading to a shimmering star design made of hundreds of rhinestones.

Strapless Olive Branch Jewel Waist Ball Gown – Jovani: If cute and girly is your style, don’t pass up this princess-style ball gown from Jovani. A heart-shaped neckline instantly grabs the eyes on this strapless dress, but they’ll quickly move down to the dazzling rhinestone olive branch design on the waist. A puffy satin skirt finishes off this fairy tale look. Now all you need is a pumpkin carriage to take you to your next pageant.

Chiffon Fit and Flare Pageant Gown – Ritzee Originals: This Ritzee Originals pageant dress is full of glitz and glam for ladies who love all things shiny. The entire form-fitting torso is encrusted in hand-beaded crystals, and the floor-length skirt features a high slit to showcase those silky legs. This is definitely a show-stopper.

Get Your Homecoming 2013 Makeup off with these DIY Makeup Remover Wipes

Oct 18, 2013

Have some serious leftover eye makeup from homecoming 2013? Check out our DIY Makeup Remover Wipes!

Have some serious leftover eye makeup from homecoming 2013? Check out our DIY Makeup Remover Wipes!

We all know what it’s like to have a great night at a dance or out with your friends on the town, and you wake up with raccoon eyes. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get all of your eye makeup off, especially when soap and water just doesn’t always do the trick. However, we have an awesome way for you to make your own makeup remover wipes so getting that black eyeliner off can be a synch – and not to mention affordable!

DIY Makeup Remover Wipes (adapted from

Ingredients and Materials Needed:

  • 1 roll of heavy-duty paper towels
  • 2 food storage containers big enough to fit ½ roll of paper towels in each
  • A serrated knife or a utility knife, sharpened
  • 4 cups of boiled water that has been cooled
  • 4 Tbsp. of Baby Shampoo
  • 1 Tbsp. of Organic Coconut Oil


  • Cut the roll of paper towels in half with your utility or serrated knife.
  • In your food storage container, microwave your water, coconut oil, and baby shampoo for 20 seconds.
  • Take half of the mixture and separate it into your other food storage container.
  • Take the center cardboard tubes out of the two paper towel halves. Place each half, cut side down, in the two food storage containers so they soak up the liquid.
  • Gently push the halves down as they absorb more liquid.
  • Once the whole roll is absorbed, put the lid of the food storage container on and flip over so the mixture is fully absorbing the half of roll.
  • Let sit overnight in the container, and then you’re ready to use.

Have anymore homecoming 2013 beauty tips or tricks for us to keep in mind? Leave it in a comment below!

How to Prep for Homecoming 2013: The Last Minute Tips You Need to Look Your Best

Oct 4, 2013

Follow these tips on how to prep for homecoming 2013 to look and feel your best!

Follow these tips on how to prep for homecoming 2013 to look and feel your best!

You’ve searched through countless homecoming dresses for 2013, found the perfect gown, shoes, and accessories, now what? Prepping for your homecoming night is essential to looking your best when you win that coveted crown, and has a timeline of what you need to do before the big dance!

A week before the event: You’ll want to start drinking that daily amount of water that your doctor told you about! Start by drinking eight, 8 oz. cups of water per day. This will help hydrate you properly, as well as keep your skin clear and your body’s immune system in check. In addition to drinking water, you also need to keep a regiment of daily vitamins. Vitamins like Vitamin E, B-12, and other multi-vitamins can help to keep your skin clear from breakouts, as well as helping to maintain a stable immune system.

Five days before the event: Need a little extra TLC on your eyebrows? Today’s the day to do it! Whether you wax, pluck, or thread to maintain the shape of your eyebrows, performing the actual process of hair removal works best about 4-5 days before the event. This is to help prevent redness or a breakout from chemicals (if you have sensitive skin) right before you head out to the dance. Also, this is a great time to do a trial run of your hair up-do for the big night. Get with your hair stylist or person that’s going to be helping you to your hair, and start playing around with different ways to do it.

Three days before the event: Time to do a trial run of your makeup for the big night! If possible, try on your whole outfit together, with makeup and hair, to make sure everything looks exactly how you’d like it to look. If it’s not how you want it to look for your big night, you can make changes accordingly and within enough time so you aren’t rushing to get things done. Three days before the event is also a great time to make sure things like your flowers, limousine, and dinner reservations are all in check, so you can have a stress-free night!

The night before the event: Treat Yourself! We love to partake in this at, especially the night before homecoming. Take some time for you and get your hands and feet manicured to perfection. Perhaps you can try out one of our DIY Face Masks, like our Chocolate Oatmeal Mask or Avocado Mask to keep your skin in tip-top shape. Also – keep in mind not to wash your hair the night before unless absolutely necessary. Up –do’s hold better for the night if your hair has its own, natural oils in it. If you have a pimple that decides to make its way to your face the night before, put a dab of toothpaste (yes, we said toothpaste) on it to eliminate swelling and redness! And most importantly – get some sleep!

Have more tips on how to prep successfully for homecoming 2013? Leave it in a comment below!

Our Favorite Purple Homecoming Dresses for 2013

Sep 10, 2013

Find out which of these hot purple homecoming dresses makes our list of favorites for fall!

Find out which of these hot purple homecoming dresses makes our list of favorites for fall!

At, we’re super excited for our fall homecoming season that’s right around the corner! If there’s one color that seems to fly out of our store and onto the many, homecoming divas that make their way to their dances in the fall, it’s most definitely purple. Check out our favorite purple homecoming dresses for 2013 and see if there’s something that you can see yourself dancing the night away in!

MacDuggal Single Cap Sleeve Homecoming Gown: This hi-low dress is a perfect fit if you’re not sure what length to go with! With a one-shoulder, cap sleeved design and beaded accents; this purple gown is elegant, simple, and flawless for homecoming!

Night Moves By Allure Edgy Sequin Underskirt Prom Gown: Even though the title says “prom in it, don’t let it fool you: this high-low dress can double as a sparkling homecoming dress too! With its blue, silver, and purple sequins, this dress definitely is one of our favorite purple staples for fall!

Night Moves by Allure Shimmering Fitted Fully Sequin Party dress: Looking for something that has a little bit more of a flare to it? This homecoming dress by Night Moves is your perfect fit! Purple sequins and a sweetheart neckline make this dress a top pick for purple dresses this homecoming season!

Landa Cire Slim Flare Lace Up Back Gown: Elegance, simple design, and small details make this long homecoming gown a front runner for this fall! With the sweetheart neckline and the beautiful chartreuse color, this dress is a perfect fit for the homecoming diva with a taste for classic design.

Panoply Flirty Sheath Short Prom Dress With Removable Long Overlay: Continuing with the high-low dress trend for the fall homecoming season, this Panoply dress is unlike any other we’ve list: it comes with a removable skirt! Versatility for any dancing queen, this dress’ purple shade is light, feminine, and totally chic!

Want to ship the rest of our purple homecoming dresses? Visit us today at!

Ramp Up for Homecoming 2013 with One of Our Romper Homecoming Dresses

Aug 9, 2013

Get ready for homecoming this year and check out our awesome romper dresses!

Get ready for homecoming this year and check out our awesome romper dresses!

At, we’re so excited for homecoming 2013 season to get here! We know that you need to start planning the perfect outfit, so that’s why we’re showcasing our most adorable new trend: romper dresses!

Mac Duggal Daring Sequin Romper Edge Party Prom Gown: This adorable sequined one piece is the perfect homecoming dress for any girl with a fierce personality! Green and blue sparkles make this romper party dress to rock at homecoming. Plus, it even comes with a removable skirt, so you have two outfits for the night with only wearing one!

Sherri Hill Show-Stopper Sequin Romper Prom Dress: This elegant gown is a little less party and a lot more formal. However, it doesn’t stop it from being one of our favorite romper homecoming dresses and a “show-stopping” hit! With a beautiful silver color, glittering details around the bodice, and a sheer, glimmering skirt, this romper dress is classy for any future homecoming queen!

Claudine Alyce Multi-Colored Sequin Prom Dress: Looking to take a walk on the wild side for homecoming 2013? Our Claudine Alyce Multi-Colored Sequin romper dress is a perfect choice for any lady looking to embrace the inner wild child! With large rhinestone detailing across the bodice and shorts of the dress, you’ll be glittering your way right into the event with all eyes on you! In addition, this beautiful romper dress has a light chiffon skirt that is feminine, airy, and easy to move in.

Claudine One of a Kind Halter Top Evening Gown: If you’re looking for a unique romper dress to sport during homecoming 2013’s big dance, we have the perfect little number for you. The Claudine One of a Kind Halter Top Evening Gown is not only a beautiful option for the year’s big event, but it’s a romper too! With lace-like detailing and a halter top to give you proper support, this daringly beautiful number is one we think that any diva would love to wear!

Want to see more romper homecoming and prom dresses? Visit us today at!

Sweet Sixteen Party Have You Broke? Cut Corners With These Tips!

Jun 7, 2013

Cut costs for your sweet sixteen party with these tips!

Cut costs for your sweet sixteen party with these tips!

Having a sweet sixteen party is not cheap! We know that a lot of time, money and effort go into planning the most memorable 16th birthday party. Why not cut some corners and costs with these tips from You can get the best bang for your buck while still having the time of your life!

  • Try making your own decorations instead of buying them. There are plenty of blogs, as well as Pinterest boards dedicated to making your own party decorations! Plus, they’ll be exactly what you want and adorably homemade!
  • Instead of doing a large dinner for the guests of your sweet sixteen parties, try doing small finger foods instead! Your guests can snack throughout the whole party and you will save money by not paying for a huge meal.
  • Try having your party in a large space, such as an empty barn, a church hall, or a picnic grove, instead of the pricey banquet halls. Many private organizations like churches or other halls allow you to rent the space for a small cost or donation to the organization.
  • Keep your guest list to a 100-person maximum. If you have a larger group of friends or a huge family, it can be difficult to keep a cap on the number of people to invite. Try to narrow down your group of friends to the people you will think would attend and add them to guest list first.
  • Instead of hiring a DJ for your big bash, use your computer! Hooking up your computer or music player to a set of speakers isn’t difficult at all and you get to control the playlist! This works out even better, as far as what music you’d like to be played, and cuts the cost of renting a DJ for the night!

Have any more tips on how to cut costs at your sweet sixteen parties or have any stories you’d like to share with us about how you did so? Share it with us in a comment below!

Sweet Sixteen Dresses? More like Fierce Sixteen Dresses!

May 10, 2013

Turning 16 only happens once in your life, so why not do it the way you want to? has the most fashionable, fierce and fearless sweet sixteen dresses for any diva! Want to know which dress (or dresses) you should rock for your themed, big birthday bash? has them!

Vegas themed: Turn 16 the best way you know how—with a theme as big as your personality! A Vegas themed sweet sixteen calls for bright, colorful, and flashy dresses. Check out our Sparkling Mermaid Gown by Allure in Fuchsia, which reminds us of something a Vegas socialite would sport on her special night out!

Rock star themed: Rock out the best way you know how and celebrate 16 years on this planet with a rock star themed sweet sixteen! Getting glammed up and ready for the finer things in life should be your top priority on your special day, so your dress shouldn’t be anything less than that! Our Strapless Cocktail dress with Colorful stones at the Bodice, by Sherri Hill, will definitely bring out your inner-rock star during your party!

Masquerade themed: Channel a different era for your 16th birthday bash with a masquerade themed party!  With all the fun masks and creative decorations at your party, you’re going to need a dress that plays the part too. How about our Playful Corkscrew Formal Dress by Sherri Hill for you party? It has everything you need for your true personality to be unmasked!

Looking for more sweet sixteen dresses to outfit your big bash with? Check out our selection today at!

Celebrate your sweet sixteen with some of these fierce dresses that will fit into any theme!

Celebrate your sweet sixteen with some of these fierce dresses that will fit into any theme!

Tips for Buying Plus Size Dresses

Jul 29, 2011

Your prom dress should cling in all the right places! ;)

Your prom dress should cling in all the right places! ;)

For plus sized girls, it’s not always easy to find a perfect dress. Sometimes it feels like pretty dresses don’t come any larger than a size two! Here are some tips to help you choose the right plus size dress for you.

  • Dark colors like black and navy can make you appear slimmer. You can add color to a black dress by wearing colorful shoes or carrying a brightly colored bag. You can also buy a dress that has a colorful or shiny belt, or pair a belt with it.
  • Other dresses with simple colors, besides black, may also flatter your shape. It’s a matter of searching for the best color for your shape and size.
  • Don’t buy a dress made from a stretchy nylon-like fabric. This type of dress will more than likely cling in all of the wrong places.
  • Looking good in a dress can be as easy as keeping your shoulders back, and maintaining good posture.
  • Vertical stripes elongate a body, while horizontal stripes make the body appear wider.
  • Keep prints and designs subtle, unless you find a loud print that flatters your shape.
  • Use shapers to smooth out your shape.
  • Most importantly, buy clothes that fit correctly, and look good on you!

Next time you’re shopping for a dress don’t rush and buy the first one that fits. Stop, look in the mirror, and think about these helpful tips.

Get Ready For the Glamour Graduation Shots

Apr 15, 2011

white graduation dressSure, you’ll be stuck under a drab graduation robe when you walk up to get your diploma, but how about picking out something fabulous to wear underneath? Be ready for all the photos and fun for after graduation with a hot new graduation dress.

Here are a few tips in picking out the perfect graduation dress:

  • Plan ahead. Most schools only let you pick up your robes within a week of graduation, ask the school or even the company handling the robes what size and color you’ll be wearing. This way you know whether you can go with a full length graduation dress or stick with a short and sweet dress.
  • Look chic in white. Very often graduation robes are white, which means see through issues. Make things easy by going with an all white graduation dress.
  • Pick out something you’ll be comfortable sitting for a long time in. Graduation is a long ceremony, so be ready for the long haul!

Finally, remember to get lots of photos! This is your big day, so celebrate and have fun!

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